It is regrettable that Ms. D'Andrea didn't avail herself of a session at the Temple, as it could have been enlightening to her, and possibly, hopefully, they could have removed the large puritanical stick wedged in her anus.
John Kevin Felsch, Scottsdale

Do you get to pick?: Do you get to pick which goddess you want to rub your Root Chakra?
Bob Fairlane, city unavailable

A "goddess" speaks: I am one of the goddesses at the Phoenix Goddess Temple mentioned in the article by Niki D'Andrea. While I can understand her skepticism as an onlooker, I certainly don't agree with her views.

I offered a couple's healing session to Niki and her girlfriend, but she didn't receive a session from me or anyone else while she was at the temple.

I have studied sexology at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, where I was accepted into the master's program without preliminary college because of my experience in the adult industry and training in tantra. I dropped out because reading about sex and analyzing it isn't my path.

If there are people emotionally damaged by our tantra sessions, I would sincerely like to hear from them. I have heard of way more positive testimonials than negative experiences.

I myself have had miraculous healings through my hands since I came to practice at the Phoenix Goddess Temple. I had someone come to me after a car accident. I prayed to Jesus and Mother Mary to help me, and after he got off the table, his pain and numbness were gone. He let me know by e-mail weeks later that he was truckin' around the country pain-free and still off his pain meds!
Leila Swan, Phoenix

Alex, you don't know Niki: Who cares? The person who wrote this article seems to be pushing an agenda rather than writing a balanced piece.

Might want to check and make sure you're a journalist rather than a sexually obsessed, religious nut-job pushing your version of truth. You're as bad as the Muslims who snip little girls' privates to make them chaste. Grow up!
Alex Kasper, city unavailable

A fractured life: I have visited this temple, and I respect what they are doing. Their principles address the whole person. If we separate sexuality and make it a crime or sinful to touch, we end up with a fragmented experience of life.
Mare Simone, city unavailable

Heal the planet with sex: Time to legalize prostitution. Whatever two (or more) consenting adults agree to do sexually is none of anyone else's business. Look how many marry for money. Is that any different than having sex for money?

Save the jail space and the time and money wasted in courts for real criminals. Cheaters will cheat whether it's with a prostitute or their neighbor's partner. So that's really got nothing to do with it.Prostitution alleviates sexual tension and the likelihood that sexual predators will prey on your son or daughter. Sexually free societies are less likely to be violent.

Maybe that's how we heal the planet. More sex for everyone!
Janet Lessin, city unavailable

Mainstreamers ruin everything: It is unfortunate that the Phoenix Temple chose to allow the press to enter. Such places should avoid the press like the plague.

Much as such practitioners wish to spread their message, and to expose more people to alternative forms of healing, the reaction of the press and mainstream medicine are typical and well displayed in this abysmally biased article.
Evan Sarver, city unavailable

Tantra is the way: As someone who researched and practiced a variety of tantric traditions solo and with a partner, I believe that the temple constitutes a gateway to many teachings.

On Friday nights, we teach aspects of tantra that open doors for those who might be willing to do the work. Sadly, most people are unwilling to do the work it takes to attain mastery. The people in their lives would be better off if they did.

[Because] 70 percent of women report they aren't orgasmic during intercourse [and] 60 percent of men say they are unable to satisfy their partner. This condition is correctible, but it requires study and practice.
Daka Rose, city unavailable

You gotta feel it to believe it: While your article may attempt the illusion of balanced reporting, I must say that I find it biased, ignorant, and inflammatory.
Shama Helena, city unavailable

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Regarding the Article about El Mirage. Lana Mook was elected mayor by voters. If the people of El Mirage didn't like her relationship with Luke Air base then they had the opportunity to NOT elect her. So why is this article even relevant? It seems NewTimes gives every Gadfly a stage or is it just those who are not wasps.Allyn Plowe Gilbert AZ


Does anyone think it's fortuitious that Gov. Brewer was on vacation while the "Walk for Life" rally held yesterday? Also, as a public school employee, my pay has been frozen for the last four years. I can't afford a vacation. So, no, local news channels, I don't care to have my eyes assaulted with pictures of our 'Grande Dame" rubbing noses with Eskimos. The only good thing coming from her vacation is that, for a few days, she can't reek havoc in our lives.

Dennis Neff
Dennis Neff

We lease a condominium at The Summit at Copper Square, 310 S 4th ST. Our complaint is that we are being overcharged for our monthly utility bill. There is one meter at this building and it is up to the HOA to divide the bill between the common areas and the units in the building. Our January 2011 bill was $321.54. Last year's January utility bill was $170.08. Our unit is 1217 square feet. The winter bill for a condo this size in Phoenix is $80. Our neighbors at 7th St and Palm live in a 1600 square foot condo and they pay around $80 for their utilities. Before we moved into this unit in September of 09, I was told by Mike at AMBS (The sub-metering company at the time) that the average utility bill for this unit was $150.00. We live very “green” and don’t use much energy, so it’s extremely frustrating to see we have no control in this situation. The individual condo meters are not functioning and aren’t scheduled to be replaced anytime soon. We didn’t find this out until after we moved in and questioned the bill.

Brad Wick (Community Manager) has offered us several explanations:

"The chilled water company has raised the rates 52%".

This would add $52 to the (chilled water) portion of our bill. Our bill has increased $150 over last year.

"It’s Christmas season and people are running extra lights".

"AMBS had been miscalculating the utilities at the prior Property Management’s direction. One could argue that the charges were kept low to the current residents in order to make the building more attractive to prospective buyers….that was all smoke & mirrors".

We are very fearful the hot summer months will bring an outrageously high utility bill, a bill we can’t afford to pay.

If downtown Phoenix wants to bring in more residents, something needs to be done about utility issues. People need to be told all the facts before buying or leasing at The Summit.


Dennis and Cynthia Neff Unit 906



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