Unlike Walter Sobchak, Somers does not refuse to work on Shabbos, in fact, he and the other band members are always diligently working on something. Somers said their philosophy is like Bright Eyes' lyrics put in a different context: "I'd rather be working for a paycheck than trying to win the lottery."

The goal is to make unique music. "I wanted to hear something nobody else had made yet. If someone else had made it before me, I wouldn't have bothered. I'd go to law school and make big money so I could drive a BMW," Somers said.

The band has already created four music videos and has three more in the works. With the help of public domain films, they were able to take old footage and cut it to the pace of their songs, as seen in "Appalachacha," "You Killed Me," and "Moment of Silence."

Lisa Savidge: It sure beats the VFW or bowling.
Lisa Savidge: It sure beats the VFW or bowling.

Location Info


Goat Head Saloon

1423 S. Country Club Drive
Mesa, AZ 85210

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Mesa


Lisa Savidge is scheduled to perform on Thursday, March 17, at The Goat Head Saloon in Mesa.

The Lisa Savidge guys are also busy distributing their music through guerrilla marketing tactics. They started a campaign based on the "Where's George?" concept of tracking the circulation of dollar bills and made a game out of distributing a sampler of their album. These "elk cloners" were hidden in local coffee shops, clothing stores, "and wherever tastemakers hang out," said Gortari. The CD's insert, which reads, "You're part of a social experiment," encourages the listener to burn a copy the album for their friends and go online to input their location information. The sampler has been distributed as far as England.

They have a few shows scheduled in the Phoenix area before they embark on a West Coast tour in April. All their March proceeds will go to Red Crescent, which provides blood to those ensnared in Middle East conflicts.

"We're not taking a political stance, because it's not our position to do so. People on all sides have been hurt and need care, whether it's protesters, soldiers, or police who are just kids trying to do their job. In a country like Libya, a few bucks will make a huge difference," Somers says.

No doubt someone at the organization will be very thankful that a nice young lady named Lisa — probably imagined as some hippie chick in a flowing skirt — sent a check.

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You're only chance to see Lisa Savidge before we go on tour...has moved!Lisa Savidge, Tremulants, Kirkwood Dellinger! Free, St. Paddy's dayLocation: Mugg ShotsTime: ‎8:00PM Thursday, March 17th

Long Arm
Long Arm

So funny that Kirkwood Dellinger's part of the line-up for the St. Paddy's day show with bands and musicians they always talk a bunch of shit about. Maybe they'll shut their big mouths from now on and stop acting like they're so above it all or maybe they're just afraid that the music scene is leaving them behind.

Insect G
Insect G

For Love Not Lisa is a good band name with Lisa in it too via the 90s.


hell yeah!gortari doesnt own the label he runs it with all of us.

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