Would like to come back, but can't: My wife and I visited Arizona in 2006. We enjoyed it. We'd like to return.

Except we can't (see our immigration series "Amongst U.S.," and, most recently "Pearce's Nemesis," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, March 3).

My wife is a Spanish national with a green card who, of course, speaks Spanish as her first language. The worldwide Spanish-language media is reporting that the people in Arizona are [all but] lynching anyone who speaks Spanish, whether they have a green card or not, no matter their skin color or citizenship status. My wife is asking me when Arizona is going to start installing gas chambers for Hispanics, like what the Nazis had. My father was of the World War II generation, which fought to get rid of this kind of evil. He was a war veteran. Why are U.S. citizens being "lynched"? Why is anyone being "lynched"?

The Immigration and Naturalization Service is horrible to deal with. I got my wife's green card three years after it should have been issued, only because an aide to my U.S. representative raked them over the coals multiple times. Starting in 2001, those people [haven't done] their jobs. So the people who say [undocumented aliens] "should just follow the law" are misrepresenting the situation. They don't know what they are talking about.

Statistically, the percentage of Hispanics who commit crimes is smaller then the general population. They have fewer divorces and more stable families. They have family values and mostly work very hard. Why would we not want such people? Hispanics have fought in the American army since the Revolution, and on both sides of the civil war. The journalist Jorge Ramos compares them to the Irish, in the 1800s; they take the same kind of jobs and are treated similarly.

The DREAM Act should have passed. Two million people trained in American schools could be paying taxes to lower the deficit and pay into Social Security. Even former President George W. Bush's people put out a study noting that the country needs about a million immigrants per year to maintain prosperity.

The vast majority of Hispanics I have known are nice, polite people. Hispanics have contributed greatly to this country and continue to do so. They work hard, in crummy jobs, as a rule. They do not deserve the treatment they are getting. Forty percent of Hispanics marry outside their ethnic group. Many U.S. military personnel are married to Hispanics. Hispanics are a large part of what keeps Social Security afloat.

Granted, the federal government has not handled immigration well. Granted, some undocumented immigrants drive without a driver's license or insurance. A few commit crimes. Yet do we not also find native-borns doing the same thing?

The incredibly disrespectful treatment heaped upon Hispanics erodes America's "brand" overseas — Central and South Americans buy products from countries other then the U.S. when they see this kind of horrible treatment.

The United States has major bases in Spain — in Rota, particularly — and the Spanish population sees reports of the mistreatment of Hispanics, too. Spanish troops support our efforts in Afghanistan. Why are we insulting our allies?

We met some tourists from Mexico, when we were in Arizona in 2006. They were quite wealthy, and they spent a lot of money — at least $3,000 on presents alone. I cannot believe any Mexican citizen now comes to Arizona as a tourist; Arizona is as dangerous for them as the Mexican towns the drug dealers control — if the U.S. Spanish-language media is to be believed, and Hispanics do believe it.

Members of my father's generation gave their blood, and lives, to end Nazi brutality. We don't need to see it in America. What is going on now is an insult to everyone who ever served his country.
Michael Patterson, Granby, Connecticut


Town looking for a true leader: I read your article and was very impressed. It really hit close to home for me. I could not help getting a little emotional ("Crossed Paths," Monica Alonzo, February 24).

I grew up in El Mirage, and to this day, I reside there. I cannot help saying it's about time somebody wrote the whole truth [about the Luke Air Force Base situation] without holding back.

My uncle, John Moreno, spoke at a funeral this past Saturday for Guadalupe Flores, who was a dedicated servant and volunteer of El Mirage. He touched on something that is supposedly in the works: a celebration honoring Julio César Chávez.

These are the things that make us all love the people of El Mirage. Hopefully, one day we will have a true leader who can lead El Mirage to a much better and brighter future and who will really understand and stand up for the people.

I do truly appreciate your story. God bless you.
Marlena Ornelas, El Mirage

Luke trumps El Mirage: Luke Air Force Base is a fixture in the West Valley that provides massive economic benefits.

El Mirage is just a little speed trap on Grand Avenue that only hinders further growth in the area. Which would any sane person opt to keep!
James Crocker, city unavailable

Deal with it: I feel no sympathy for the citizens of El Mirage. Who moves someplace without researching what kind of town or city it is?

If you moved there not knowing about LAFB, shame on you for being uneducated. If you moved there knowing about it and complain anyway, shame on you for being a whining idiot.

The base is important and vital, if for no other reason than to give our brave soldiers a place to raise their families. A place where their families can rely and draw strength from others in the same situation when their loved ones are deployed.

Is it noisy? Yes. Does that suck? Yes. But either get over it, deal with it, or move. I'm so tired of the human race, honestly.
James Bates, city unavailable

No reason to bitch: In 1940, [the U.S. government] sent a scout to Arizona to find a spot where the Army Air Corps could provide advanced training to fighter pilots. They set their sights on 1,440 acres several miles west of El Mirage, and the following year opened Litchfield Park Air Base, later renamed Luke Air Force Base.

[El Mirage has] no reason to bitch. The base continued to build for the last 70 years. Come on, those planes were flying over in 1945. Just shut up!
Jimmy Morris, city unavailable

Good for junk: El Mirage is the west side's Guadalupe. A cesspool is a cesspool, regardless. You can get black tar [heroin] cheap, though, so it's advantageous to some.
Name withheld

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Jack Swift
Jack Swift

Jason, how do I know you're a racist? From your racist comments, fucktard. Go to Oz and ask The Wizzard for a brain. And, no, lol... you're the idiot. Along with Jason. Get the fuck out, and this state will have two fewer crackers.


Well. Your wife has a green card, so it's not a problem now is it.

Our problem is with the ILLEGAL Hispanics.. the ones who are taking services and goods that they are not paying for or contributing to, and the people who don't see a problem with it, are in majority, the people who aren't being affected by it, unlike the the others who's children, special needs or not can't get a decent education or needed services for their American children because the resources are being consumed by children of illegal aliens. American families who's lives have been destroyed by a crime committed against them, their families or COMMUNITY by an illegal alien, because there is no other way to hold them accountable then deportation... and if they got in once, they will find a way to get in again.. and the vicious cycle continues. Or how about the jobs that are being taken by illegal aliens.. and to say "Americans wont take those jobs or won't work for that kind of money" is simply ridiculous.. in this economy. (I will give you that argument 3..4 years ago), and frankly it doesn't matter anyways seeing as they take jobs, up their dependent count sky high on their W2's so they don't have to pay any taxes. Or lets talk about the government state assistance that is no longer available for truly struggling Americans and their children because all of the funds and resources are.. again.. being consumed by large (legally) undocumented/illegal alien families.. who, let's go over this again, don't pay taxes into the very system that they are draining.

I don't have a problem with Hispanics coming here, America is (compared to most the rest of the world) still a wonderful place to live, but do it right. Every Hispanic that has crossed the border illegally HAS committed a crime. TRESPASSING. So the statistics are clearly flawed regarding crime. Just sayin'.


THIS IS INCREDIBLE!! Why is AZRepugnant not reporting- bribed???

Local hero turns out to be no so much - no federal RICO case is filed without reason, local charities are going to be red faced also YES New Times- Here is yet another chance to expose a REAL story - read the complaint by Verizon, this is just the beginning of a juicy local saga - as if the republicans aren't ugly enough, this will reduce your trust even further.....


Bangus24 the average emergency room, citizens, both born here and naturalized....have to wait for hours and hours because illegals are flooding the hospitals and have no insurance so the cost for the rest of us keeps climbing. so, let the illegals keep coming by the thousands each month but then dont complain when costs go up. Also, hundreds of students, born here and English speaking, lose out on jobs in our own USA because they are not bilingual. And for those who are here legally , there is no problem with them speaking Spanish as there is no problem for Asians to speak their languages.....the issue is that if we follow the law...everyone, whether Russian, Italian, Cuban, Mexican, Chinese, follows the legal channels to secure residency and citizenship. What is wrong with that.....? But if it is okay for the illegals to say here and come by the thousands...okay...but dont complain when the costs go sky high for the rest of us . In the city of phoenix, there is no more budget for English speaking kindergartens because most of the students only speak Spanish...the English speaking kids will have to be bussed to other districts....if there is an English speaking class. Is that going to move up each year to the primary grades and then high school? Everyone talks about the rights of illegals to have education and medical care but if anyone goes to their countries....illegals are put in jail for as much as a year or alot far we are the only country tolerating it. But dont anyone say that there is a problem for those who speak Spanish in Arizona...if you are here illegally which thousands are, no problema.

Jack Swift
Jack Swift

Jason, you're the idiot. In spades! The very attitude this guy talks about is what is destroying the economy in Arizona. You're just another garden-variety, Joe Arpaio-lovin', Russell Pearce-servicing racist. It's the likes of you that's killing us here. Why don't you move to Mexico. We'd all be a lot better off


Everyone in the state of Arizona who reads that nonsense knows it's not true. This is what liberals do. When you don't have an argument, just fearmonger and play the race card. These people can't say that citizens of other countries should be allowed to come here whenever they please and steal identities, do whatever they want without anybody knowing who they are. They can't make that argument, so they toss around the word reform mixed in with their fearmongering and race card. No argument? Just bring up gas chambers and Nazi Germany and all that other garbage. Other side making you look stupid? Call them racists. Tell them the only reason they want a secured border and laws being enforced is because they hate Hispanics. When SB1070 passed, liberals created scenerios where 84 year old Hispanic grandmothers that were legal citizens would have guns pointed at them in the grocery store, with a cop in a ski mask yelling "let me see your papers!" KEEP ON FEARMONGERING, LIBS. That's all you can do!

Well Which is it
Well Which is it

"Our problem is with the ILLEGAL Hispanics.""Every Hispanic that has crossed the border illegally HAS committed a crime. "

So you have a problem with ILLEGAL Hispanics, do you have a problem with ILLEGAL Canadians? ILLEGAL JEWS who arrived here back in the 40's? ILLEGAL Africans? ILLEGAL Middle Easterners? How about ILLEGAL Europeans?

What about Native American reservations, do you have a problem with all that land being tied up by non-Americans?

Or is your specific problem with ILLEGAL Hispanics?

Michigan Dad
Michigan Dad

"Also, hundreds of students, born here and English speaking, lose out on jobs in our own USA because they are not bilingual."

So because US students are ignorant enough to NOT learn a second, third or even fourth language it is the fault of immigrants both illegal and legal according to you.

Do you realize that in Europe most people know how to speak and under stand an average of 3 languages.In Africa that count generally goes up to 5 languages.

So are you trying to say that American students are TOO stupid to learn more then 1 language? Or is the real fact of the matter that when ever a proposed tax increase to benefit education systems brought before the voters in Arizona it is shot down in flames mostly by those OLD folks who no longer have children.

You do realize that Arizona has ranked either 48th 49th or 50th for the last 2 decades in student performance at all grade levels.Let me put that in perspective for you:If a 10th grader were to move to ANY Arizona city from ANY Michigan city, that student will have already completed all the courses that Arizona 12th graders will need to graduate.

The reason for this disparage? Michigan folks are willing to pay a bit more in taxes to fund schools, even though Michigan has lost more then 60% of it's jobs in the last 20 years and has a much smaller tax base then Arizona does and Michigan also has a MUCH larger debt issue then Arizona does.

Maybe if you get the oldsters to cough up some case to fund schools Arizona could pull itself up out of the last 3 spots and give it's students a chance to really live right.


if you are here LEGALLY....not problema


Well, that was an equally classy response Jack. Your an idiot.


How do you know I'm a racist, you judgmental fool? You don't know me at all. You are just the typical liberal who uses minorities for your own political gain. I have never stepped foot outside the US and don't plan on it. Why don't you take your liberal ass and move to a country that doesn't have any order. Where people do whatever they want to.


Sorry Jason,but regressive righties like you have cornered the market when it comes to fear mongering. Your post is a prime example.


You see Hispanics everywhere you go in Arizona, and you hear Spanish being spoken many times throughout the day. A lot of our police officers and politicians are Hispanic. These people aren't being abused and harrassed every day. If there was the smallest bit of truth in that idiot's letter, the feds would come here and shut this state down!

Really just want to know
Really just want to know

"I have never stepped foot outside the US and don't plan on it."

So you never served your country?Do you have a medical condition that causes you to never be have been able to enlist?

So, you don't fear other cultures but you do not want to experience them first hand either, correct?Jack exactly how old are you? Have you ever gotten a collage degree in any subject matter?I am not trying to be judgmental but with your statement of "This is what liberals do." and "I have never stepped foot outside the US and don't plan on it.", it is hard not to judge you to be a person scared of changing situations and you seem to be lacking either the skills or the want to educate yourself on the core matters that spawn these issues. It appears that you parrot what is being said on FOX as a point of convenience for yourself and not much else.

You do realize that both Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh are actually playing characters of the same name that spout beliefs that they themselves do not personally feel are the truth. In the same way Carol O'conner played Archie Bunker. Glen and Rush play these characters for entertainment and to make LOADS of cash off those who believe them, just like Televangelists like Bob and Tamy-Faye Baker


Explain how I am "fearmongering." Yes, I'm trying to make everyone fear liberal idiots who can't have a simple discussion about illegal immigration without bringing up Hitler, gas chambers, concentration camps, the KKK, etc. If you had one valid argument, you wouldn't need to resort to that kind of garbage. Keep trying to fearmonger, hypocrites!

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