Trash to Pleasure

Maybe repainted old furniture is your thing. You like to pretend that the skuzzy flea market on Interstate 17 is a Provencal market. But one table lamp shaped like a plaster cherub isn’t enough to satisfy. You need more.

Good news: Junkrestore Vintage Market at the Simple Farm is here, specifically for your pleasure. This colossal thrift sale of recycled and restyled antique goods is grafted onto a farmer’s market, a craft fair, and an overall really great time for collectors of pretty much anything tasty or nice to look at.

It’s a weekend-long, much-anticipated opportunity for folks who live for collectibles to make some smoking deals.

Sat., April 2, 10 a.m., 2011

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Lylah Ledner
Lylah Ledner

As the owner of The Simple Farm - all I can say is that it was a success and we look forward to repeating that success later on in the fall!

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