Fake Problems @ Hard Rock Cafe

Orgcore loosely defines a subgenre of punk that draws from alt-country, pop punk, and hardcore, spawned mainly by the tastes of the Punknews.org community. These PBR-drinking, flannel-wearing beardos favor sing-alongs that have the proper balance of melodic beats and gritty vocals. Fake Problems started out as a characteristic orgcore band: They play catchy folk punk and hail from one of the genre's hotspots, Florida. With each release, Fake Problems have evolved and experimented with new sounds. They've expanded their fan base to the other flannel-wearing and PBR-swilling indie kids. The band's most recent album, Real Ghosts Caught on Tape, showcases its variety of sonic influences. Mae Whitman and Alia Shawkat of the sitcom Arrested Development provide guest vocals for a '60s pop feel. Fake Problems are known for touring relentlessly to bring their theatrical performances to as many people as possible. Accompanied by Laura Stevenson and the Cans and Pomegranates, Fake Problems are taking a mellow approach to this tour, compared to their previous experiences with Dillinger Escape Plan and Against Me!

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