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Too bad Joe will probably skate: Your story makes the whole SCA thing make sense ("Love Connection," Ray Stern, April 14). I always wondered why Captain Joel Fox refused to give up the names of those involved for so long, and now we find out it was to protect his lover-man, first and foremost.

Rich, considering he's a member of a band of macho thugs!

But the real story is all those right-wing-nut developers, from far and wide, who contributed to the fund knowing full well that they were giving money directly to Joe Arpaio, which, of course, is illegal. The story says they may not have known they were breaking the law, but Steve Ellman is no nincompoop. He must have known. He sure came across as shady when the AG's investigators grilled him.

The sad note about the story was that it says Arpaio wasn't directly linked to the [Sheriff's Command Association] corruption. Too bad that he probably will skate when the hooligans he placed around him go down, including the two — Fox and [Deputy Chief Larry] Black — enmeshed in what appears to be a steamy, homosexual relationship.

Pierce Austin, Phoenix

Lots of wild stuff for gay dudes in Phoenix: A little over a year ago, my husband talked me into moving to Phoenix from Chicago (he has family in Tucson). I said you've got to be crazy. Phoenix?!

He said, "No, Bubba, you'll love it. There is a lot of wild shit that goes on down there, and next to Houston, it has the most married men who mess around with other guys!"

Well, he was right on all counts, and the "Love Connection" story was riveting! I have not laughed so hard since moving down here. I mean [Arizona Senate Bill] 1070, Governor Jan Brewer, the Fiasco Bowl scandal, on and on.

But this [SCA story] is the stuff hilarity is made of! Joe Arpaio must have had some idea about these guys. Bet he's a lot more open-minded than people think.
Mike Hunt, Phoenix

Must be impossible in the macho Arpaio culture: What makes this a great story for me is that a couple of these men's men — whom Arpaio is so proud of surrounding himself with — apparently are really just guys I might have seen at my favorite Valley gay bar.

Bet they look so hot in their uniforms!

Problem is, Arpaio's goons are notorious for intimidating people, including (I'm sure) gay individuals they may come across. Then, a couple of high-echelon goons, based on the AG's report, turn out to be homos.

I couldn't help giggling as I read their silly, sad love notes. Truly, it reminded me of Brokeback Mountain. Being gay in the Arpaio culture must be every bit as impossible — if anybody found out (and now they have) — as it was for the film's ill-fated characters.
Kim Deuce, Phoenix

Joe has disappointed a former supporter: What's so sad to me as a former Joe Arpaio supporter is that he would condone obvious homosexuals in his high command.

Gays always get compromised in a command structure, which is why Joel Fox wound up turning on the greatest sheriff in the United States.
Jim Harris, city unavailable

Like crap: Just like in the movie Brokeback Mountain, the people I feel saddest for are the wives and families of Joel Fox and Larry Black. How must they be feeling?
Linda Garcia, city unavailable

The real problem: The problem is not that these deputies are married and may be having a sexual relationship.

The problem is whether . . . one has been promoted over other more qualified deputies because of the relationship. And whether one altered public records to conceal the role of the other in a potential scandal.

This potential problem would exist if this were an alleged heterosexual affair between deputies.

Name withheld

Why Kyl is getting out?: I can see where the romantic e-mails are embarrassing — reminds one of Brokeback, but the amount of corruption [inside the MCSO] is unbelievable.

Wonder if Senator Jon Kyl feels tainted, and that's why he's retiring?
Name withheld

You're a journalist? Riiiiight!: Wow, New Times, you have sunk to a new low. Outing someone is not newsworthy. Sounds more to me like character assassination, to draw attention away from the good [Joe Arpaio] is doing for the community.

I am ashamed to call myself a journalist, when hacks like [Ray Stern] are out there making a bad name for us. Hope you are really proud of this article. Banner day! You outed . . . homosexual[s].
Name withheld

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People are still posting in FAVOR of Joe???? Seriously, after all that has come out, incompetent is the most generous word to describe him.

Michael Thompson, DDS
Michael Thompson, DDS

“Sidestepping Insurance Law” -- A Counterpoint on SB 1593By Michael R. Thompson, DDSAs a practicing dentist and small business owner, I respectfully disagree with Arizona State Senator Nancy Barto’s recent summation of SB 1593 in the Arizona Republic. The bill will not “(k)eep Arizonans in (the) health-care driver’s seat,” but rather the opposite: employers will avoid the mandates of Arizona law; insurers will sell sub-standard plans to Arizonans; and patients will lose the right to appeal insurance denials to the Arizona Insurance Commissioner. With health insurance so closely tied to employment, we have a financial model in which employers are the only true insurance customers. Plans are designed and contracts are written for the employer, who must balance the perceived benefits received by employees with premium cost. The latter variable is a hard fact, but the perception of our benefits -- under a contract the employee never sees -- is where the wiggle room lies. When the reality of health care collides with the perception of coverage, patients often feel confused, angry and misled. These collisions do not occur at the insurance company, the employer’s headquarters or the Legislature. They occur in my office.Spend a day with any doctor and you will be amazed at the amount of time spent helping patients with insurance coverage. If Governor Brewer signs SB 1593, that expense – paid by doctors and passed on to patients -- will leap as the complexity of coverage is increased. Over several decades Arizona citizens, directly or through their elected representatives, have supported each mandate in our current law. In one sweeping, defiant act, decades of improvement will be sidestepped in the name of profit.The little guy will lose, and big business will avoid paying for needed care. Arizona families will not be given more choice in their coverage, since it will continue to be a non-negotiable part of an employment agreement. The “strong oversight from Arizona regulators” to which the Senator refers will disappear for every employee of every corporation which chooses to pick from 49 other sets of regulations, and the Insurance Commissioner will no longer be your advocate when you are the one in need. Senator Barto identifies Idaho as the state with the fewest regulations (9), Rhode Island with the most (69) and Arizona in the middle with 33 mandates. It would be foolish to expect an employer to offer employees more coverage when an option with less coverage and cost is available. Let’s return to that collision in my office.Eliminating the minimum protections guaranteed under our law will leave many more Arizonans feeling abused by a system too complex to understand. Will they go without and suffer the consequences? Will they end up in emergency rooms receiving “covered “ emergency care? Will this cost be shifted to taxpayers?Arizona should move in the opposite direction: stand up for minimum protections in law which have been carefully pieced together over the years; work against sidestepping them through insurance exchanges; investigate those “cozy relationships between insurers and regulators.”As a doctor, employer, parent and a patient in our health care system, I implore Governor Brewer to prevent this bill from becoming law.

Dr. Thompson has practiced family dental care in NE Phoenix for 27 years. He is a past-president of the Arizona Dental Association and the Arizona Academy of General Dentistry.

Reach Dr Thompson at 489-556-0310 or

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