The Premier Queensryche Tribute Band Lived the Dream but Is Ready to Put Its Baby to Bed

"We love the new albums, [but] there is more of an audience for the early stuff. The newer stuff is amazing, but how many people are going to know that stuff? Are we doing it for us or for them? With this kind of band, you have to do it for them: the fans."

The band plays only three or four local shows a year, and spends the rest of the time playing tribute band events out of state.

The decision to play solely the music of Queensrÿche makes perfect sense.

The Ryche: Paying tribute to "one of the best rock bands ever."
The Ryche: Paying tribute to "one of the best rock bands ever."

Location Info


Club Red

1308 W. University Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85201

Category: Music Venues

Region: Mesa


The Ryche are scheduled to perform Saturday, May 7, at Club Red in Tempe.

"In any cover band you're ever in, you are only as good as your singer," Lansing says. "Whatever you play with a different singer, you play to their strong points. You find a singer who sounds like Billy Joel, to best suit the band. Now, you come across him, I don't think there's anyone who sings Queensrÿche as good as him, except for Geoff Tate himself."

"I'll agree with that," Saavedra says with a laugh.

"That's why I became a singer. Listening to Queensrÿche, I loved it so much, and I was actually able to sing that stuff," Saavedra says.

The band members rattle off their other favorite bands: stock metalhead fare like Dream Theatre, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Dio. (Pool interjects with Barry Manilow, though I'm fairly certain he was kidding.)

"If you asked each of us [our favorite band], we'd all have a different answer. But we have intense common ground on this," Lansing says.

I ask the band whether they get bored playing only Queensrÿche, and the members answer "no" in near-unison. Despite their devotion, the group has decided to hang up The Rÿche in favor of a more lucrative project: a "one-hit wonder" cover band designed to "have fun and make some money at casinos."

The band doesn't feel like much can top their next show, anyway. Queensrÿche singer Geoff Tate will be on hand at Club Red to pimp his wine brand, Insania. The band is hoping they can persuade him to share vocal duties for a few songs.

"Where do you go from there?" Saavedra asks. "That's what we've been working toward, to play with them or some of them. Sharing the stage with Geoff, after that, I could pretty much die happy."

The band won't rule out a few reunion gigs, though.

"When I first heard Queensrÿche, I was like, oh, my God, who are these guys? They are frickin' amazing," Hodges says. "I've been listening to these guys since high school. I don't think we would ever close ourselves off to the idea of playing again, if the right situation came about."

"We'll pull it off the shelf and dust it off," Saavedra says.

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Also check out the Motley Crue tribute band Live Wire. The costumes and stage show comes insanely close...the singer is Vince and the bassist is Sixx...and the guitarist is unbelievable...check them out...I've never seen anything close to Live Wire

Motley Cruehead
Motley Cruehead

If you want to hear a Premier Mötley Crüe Tribute band you really have to check out this band....they really have the Motley sound down! They will definitely be a tribute band to keep an eye out for!

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