Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, May 12, 2011


Editor's note: Nearly every reader responding to our cover story on Mark Spencer's reign as Phoenix Law Enforcement Association president ("Demolition Man," Stephen Lemons, April 28) preferred to remain anonymous, which's why we include no names after the following comments.

Spencer's a self-serving scumbag: Every righteous Phoenix cop — and there are many — knows that Mark Spencer is a self-serving scumbag who uses his position as PLEA president for future political gain.

We all know that Porky Pig (right-on description, Lemons) only wants what is best for him, and what's best for him politically is bashing illegal immigrants. The rest of us rank-and-file cops be damned!

Former Police Chief Jack Harris is hardly a liberal. He was against cops hassling every immigrant because of manpower concerns. If cops spent most of their time doing this, as Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies do, then there would be little time to take care of real crime problems.

What's wrong with kissing up to Joe?: So you're saying PLEA president Mark Spencer has his nose up Sheriff Joe Arpaio's ass?

So what?! If he had to choose a law enforcement hero, why not "America's toughest sheriff"? Arpaio is the only admirable head of a law enforcement agency in Arizona, maybe even the nation.

Keep tellin' yourself that: What's racist about [Mark Spencer's] hating illegal aliens? If more cops and politicians targeted illegals, Arizona would be a better place to live.

Looking out for number one: Thanks, New Times, for taking down this joke to real Phoenix cops. Mark Spencer is in it for only himself.

That's really our biggest problem?: Why pick on Mark Spencer? He's been the best thing for law enforcement since Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I applaud him for wanting to take care of our biggest problem — fucking Mexicans.

Spencer's simply planning for the future: The vendetta by Spencer/PLEA against Jack Harris was about one thing — that Harris wouldn't go after illegal aliens with the vengeance that Spencer demanded.

Part of Spencer's zeal toward busting illegals is about his belief that it will put him in good stead with voters when he runs for office after he retires from the Phoenix Police Department. But it's also because he's just another garden-variety Arizona racist — just like his mentor, Joe Arpaio.

He's not as corrupt as Arpaio: Mark Spencer at least is an actual police officer.

Comparing him to the Flaccid Fool of the MCSO is not a smart idea. The FF actually is not a cop, lies to the media, fabricates stories about when he stopped Elvis Presley ("Sheriff Buffaloes Readers," June 26, 2008), and cost his bosses — taxpayers — $59 million just in lawsuit judgments and payouts.

Spencer is nowhere near the [corrupt] level of the sheriff.

Representative only of racists: All this is sad for the men and women in blue, many of whom are Latino and other minorities. What a hypocrite Mark Spencer is! He represents only white, racist cops, and not very well.

Pretty sure we understand the difference: I am guessing that nothing keeps this paper from printing what it wants to print.

The peace officers mentioned in the article are not against immigration. They are all for it. They are against illegal immigrants.

More cops disgusted by Spencer: Thank you for your fact-filled investigative report on Mark "Porky" Spencer. Spencer and his fellow PLEA racists will try to pillory you for what you wrote, but it's only because you opened up a can of whup-ass on them.

It was a nice move when he and the union tried to bribe Mayor Phil Gordon. Glad you highlighted that in the story.

The fact that membership is so far down — that cops are leaving like rats off a sinking ship — speaks volumes about how Spencer is viewed by a growing number of PPD officers.

Ex-chief turned tail and ran: Who could rally behind a pussy like ex-Chief Jack Harris, who turned tail and ran when Spencer and his union got the goods on him? Go Mark Spencer!

Why not go after Gordon and Harris?: I see your point about undocumented people being targeted for political gain, but I find it curious why no one seems to look at Phoenix police for starting the whole kidnapping mess ("New Times Review of Phoenix Kidnapping Stats," Monica Alonzo, Valley Fever blog, February 7).

Before PPD management and the so-called friend of immigrants, Mayor Phil Gordon, started touting a kidnapping problem tied with immigration, there was not the same amount of ill will toward immigrants.

They started it, and others used their misinformation to start an immigrant witch hunt. Now it is revealed that Phoenix [may not be] the kidnapping capital, but the damage is done.

The worst is, it looks like all of this hate was for money!

Shame on you for not shedding light on the group [that] started this and continuing to defend Harris and Gordon as friends of immigrants.

Spencer really stinking up the place: It really illustrates what Mark Spencer is all about that PLEA goes so far out on a limb to defend Richard Chrisman, who's accused of murdering a Latino citizen.

PLEA's decision to go after the credibility of the Latino cop who told superiors that Chrisman wasn't justified to kill the man really stinks up the place.

The whole thing smacks of the racism that has come to define Spencer and his membership-challenged cop union.

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I am a recent retired cop from one of the best police organizations in the country. We got that reputation by all of us working our butts off to provide the community with the best police service possible.

I do not believe it is possible for anyone who has followed the recent negative publicity the department has received both locally and around the country, to understand how one officer (I use that word loosely) can use his position as president of PLEA to turn a department upside down. Spencer, like many of the officers who have commented in this section have already stated, is the worse self-centered repulsive, brain washing, dishonest person I have ever witness rip apart such a great police department.

Spencer's claim that he is a preacher is one of the lies that disturbs me the most. He uses that lie whenever he has his back up against the wall. I personally have seen him throw out verses from the bible that would make the Pope puke. As many negative things Spencer has done over the years to destroy our department, this lie about being a preacher will be the reason Spencer will burn in hell.

I have had numerous dealings with Spencer prior to my retirement. I am no doubt one of the two people (Jack Harris is the other person) Spencer disliked the most because we both put Spencer in his place and held him accountable for many things. Spencer had a knack for trying to keep officers on the department that should not work as an officer on any department due to their conduct. This was one of the agenda items Spencer used to make a name for himself to get elected. He would do unspeakable things to keep officers who had found themselves on the other side of the badge.

I know the time will come when Spencer will have to answer to a higher power ( althought he thinks he is the higher power) for all of the things he has done over the years. He will take a tumble before it is all over.

To all the men and women on the department, keep doing what you do best and be safe!!


i don't know what people are thinking, law enforcement is for preservation of our communities and safety of the community, not as one said "fucking mexicans" what the hell is that, if you wish to be fucking mexicans, how about we put your ass in a skirt and put you on van buren and let you get fucked by a for joe arpaio and jack harris, both of them should be in prison, there is no justice to these people, they are abusers of the system for their benefit, myself being of federal agency, i think i would rather me run for office, and restore what is law enforcement and show the people of the community what we really are for, which is not abusing or wasting taxpayer money, and as joe arpaio, getting the county and state sued to the point of bankruptcy, the worst thing in law enforcement is joe arpaio and jack harris, let alone the moron ken bennett of the state, who the hell is this guy, ken actually told the cia to fuck off, unfortunately, this did get him suspended indefinately, due to internal affairs IA investigations, by the department of justice...just like the ones on the city and joe arpaio....


Hey Lemmons, get your hand out of your pants and your head out of your ass! Look up the word "illegal". Seems you have no grasp on reality, only your own wiener!

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