Then came testing positive for mycoplasma, babesia, Bartonella, and a parasite. Stories like yours are why I hesitate before telling people that I have chronic Lyme.

I don't see a naturopath or a homeopath or a witch doctor or anything like that. I see a medical doctor.

Of course it's wrong for doctors to use "energy machines" and parasite zappers and aromatherapy and whatever's trendy right now, but if you don't research your own healthcare, you get what's coming to you.

Ten grand over four months should have set off every alarm for those parents. Having been taken advantage of by doctors myself, I sympathize with [Alyssa Goodale's parents], but you cannot place all of the blame on clinicians in situations like this.
Emerson Ailidh, city unavailable

Patient and family were in a vulnerable position: Alyssa Goodale wasn't even an adult when she went to see these women. She was 17 years old. Legally, she was not old enough to make appropriate medical decisions regarding her own medical care. She was a child. A very sick child.

[Her mother] is not a medical professional of any kind. No medical training or education whatsoever. Just a mother of a very sick child who was willing to do anything and everything to help her child get well.

Now, let's take a look at Rosdahl and Love. Both have medical training, whether they are doctors or not. They had to take some sort of courses in the practice of medicine. They were required to pass some form of state exams to practice.

Now, where does the responsibility truly lie?

I realize that we are, individually, ultimately responsible for the medical care that we seek and receive. But can we at least appreciate the fact that someone, in a very fragile, weak, extremely ill state might just be a little, let's say, vulnerable? Can we imagine feeling so poorly that you would be willing to give just about anything a try to feel better? I can't, but I imagine it's probably not a very pleasant place to be.
Name withheld

Lucky to be in AZ, mecca of alternative medicine: In fact, I own several [energy machines]. I beat two lung cancers, one breast cancer, two [other] cancers using only alternative medicine and modalities.

I also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, mold pneumonia, Lyme, and the poor things [in mainstream medicine] didn't have one clue how to treat me without their toxic drugs.

Statements like you [made in this article] are ignorant to the max. I don't really care if you believe me or not. I'm alive today because of alternative medicine.

We are blessed in Arizona to be the mecca of alternative medicine.

You can continue to run to the white coats and take their toxic drugs. Not me. No one sold me any false anything. I did my own research and sought out what I needed to do.
Name withheld

Healthcare has become too big a business: As long as healthcare is the big business in which politicians get a big chunk for not messing with the bigwigs of insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, there will be people like "Dr." Rosdahl and Janet Love willing to make a quick buck out of people like the Goodales.
Name withheld

Watch out for what they say: Lymeland is also infamous for telling people who have serious diseases such as autism that they probably really are Lyme-disease victims.

For example, the Lyme-induced Autism (LIA) Foundation right up front says "up to 90" percent of children with autism could have Lyme.
Name withheld

There is a cult-like mess surrounding Lyme: Although this was a well-written article and brought attention to this particular exploitative medical practice, there are many practices where medical doctors, licensed MDs, practice equally dangerous and unethical treatment protocols.

Alternative and natural medicine are one thing; outright medical fraud, malpractice, and patient endangerment are different.

Many chronically ill patients — especially Lyme patients — seem to have become the prey of [unethical] doctors and their activists. There is such a cult-like, convoluted, medical mess going on behind the scenes with these Lyme-specialty practices that I can only hope that really good federal investigators will work to stop the mess. I'm not holding my breath.

Con artists will reinvent their game as long as they are able to find victims. People who are ill, afraid, and in pain are too easily exploited.
Name withheld

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lortab abuse
lortab abuse

[Federal Register Volume 76, Number 97 (Thursday, May 19, 2011)] ... and feedback, and facilitates collaboration between the Institute and ..

El gringo guero
El gringo guero

I was amazed to see nothing in the Feedback section on the amazing conclusion reached by Antonio Escobar of the Industrial Commission re Jason Schechterle. Mr. Escobar is either very new in AZ or completely uninformed. I'd like to read more about when Jason is "reevaluated" per the head of the Industrial Commission.Jerry Feldner


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