Another collaborator, Brazilian singer/guitarist Marcos Martins of local Afro:Baile-signed band Som Brazil, says Ivery's goal to bring new artists to non-Brazilian audiences is vital for him and fellow Brazilians. "To Brazilians, he's very important," Martins says. "He's trying to be as original as possible by trying to make sure the musicians we incorporate in our events are as close to the Brazilian culture as possible."

Now if only more Arizonans would strive to discover Brazilian music, as well. Ivery says the majority of his business comes from retail stores in Chicago and Los Angeles, but you can buy Afro:Baile records at the Musical Instrument Museum in North Phoenix, as well as online. Afro:Baile doesn't release singles for downloads because Ivery wants people to get a good feel for what Brazilian artists have to offer on full albums. And chances are, you'll be able to pick up on the passion Ivery looks for when he's choosing artists to feature on his compilations.

"The rhythm has to be there, the soul," Ivery says. "You can hear it in someone's voice. My Portuguese is horrible, so I can understand bits and pieces about what they say, but when you hear the melody, and you feel the rhythm, and you hear the soul of how passionate they are about singing it, you know they love what they do and they're passionate about what they're singing."

Miguel Avery, a.k.a. DJ Seduce
Maria Vassett
Miguel Avery, a.k.a. DJ Seduce

Location Info



1290 N. Scottsdale Road
Tempe, AZ 85281

Category: Restaurant > Indian

Region: Tempe


DJ Seduce is scheduled to perform Friday, June 10, at Summer Samba at Mijana in Tempe.

For a free download of "O Pescador" by Sandalia de Prata, from Brazil:Sambossica 3, visit

Ivery is just as passionate himself about his label and his events. And one he gave DJing a serious effort, he hasn't had to work a boring desk job since.

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