Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, June 9, 2011


It's all right there: Ray Stern's story on the many, many sins of Joe Arpaio and his minions would be unbelievable in any other jurisdiction in America ("Joe Knew," May 26). But in the joke that is Maricopa County, it's more than believable.

The misappropriation of the nearly $100 million for Arpaio's [vendettas] and for his Joe Show immigration sweeps — after being told repeatedly [by his bookkeeper Loretta Barkell] that he was breaking the law — should be enough for U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke's office to put him in federal prison.

Then, there are his minions — David Hendershott, Joel Fox, Larry Black, and countless others — who need to occupy federal cells, as well.
Tina Grant, Phoenix

WTF, feds?: Your story is absolutely correct: What the fuck are the feds waiting on here?! They have been investigating forever.

The evidence is right there in Ray Stern's opus. Indict, indict, indict, indict, indict!
Raul Reyes, Phoenix

Waiting for Obama to act: Surprise us, Barack Obama administration, and stop playing politics with our lives in Maricopa County.

Because Obama doesn't want to offend those who are hawks on illegal immigration — he wants them to think he's tough on wetbacks — he doesn't want to go after their god, Joe Arpaio.

The point being: The president's playing to morons who actually think Bozo Joe's antics have done something toward solving the immigration problem in Arizona. They haven't.

All he's done is arrest a bunch of law-abiding, hard-working Mexicans while letting the real criminals — drug and human smugglers — run rampant.

Stop it and indict this charlatan. He's run roughshod on us for far too long.
Charles Black, Phoenix

All liars doing dirty work: Hendershott, Hendershott, Hendershott. All the rats are blaming Hendershott.

Bullshit! No doubt Hendershott was the root of much of this ongoing evil, but Joe Arpaio, Jimmy Miller, Jerry Sheridan, Lisa Allen, and [others] in the command unit [were] involved in this corruption for the past 12-plus years.

They can all say now they were victims of Hendershott's; the fact remains that they are nothing but liars.

They have been doing Arpaio and Hendershott's dirty work for years. There was never a complaint when the perks and promotions were being handed out like candy.

Now that they are no longer able to be keep all this quiet, it's "poor me" from those who have been just as deep in this corruption as Hendershott.

These fuckers [also] belong in jail. Period!
Jim Cozzolino, Peoria

You're not alone, Betty: Your story was eye-popping! With Joe Arpaio's corruption laid out there so boldly, how much longer can the federal government wait to act?

Will they wait until Barack Obama's second term — if he gets one — when there's nothing to lose by indicting the old bigot? I certainly hope not, because I am old and have been waiting for justice regarding Nickel Bag Joe for too long.

I want to see Joe Arpaio in jail before I die.
Betty O'Neil, Glendale

Sadly, nothing too surprising: Not one single thing printed here about [Joe Arpaio] surprises me in any way, shape, or fashion.
Harrington Jack, city unavailable

Doesn't seem fair, does it?: Why is Joe Arpaio entitled to due process, but not all the people whose lives he destroyed by raiding their homes and businesses without cause?
John Galt, city unavailable

Joe in pink?: I see Arpaio wearing pink little undies soon.
Dan Orosco, city unavailable

Huh?: White people = America. Mexican people = Mexico. African people = Africa.

It's that simple. Argue about it all you want, but brown people are not conducive to a developed nation. I've lived in Phoenix for 26 years, and I can remember a time before half of it looked like a Third World country.
Pete Mueller, city unavailable

Read more closely next time: U.S. Attorney Burke has better things to do than keep Arpaio haters happy.

Since 1993, this paper has published stories about evidence proving Arpaio did something criminal. So far, zero results.
Ericka Valladolid, city unavailable

Worse than the criminals: Joe Arpaio is as bad as any criminal in his jails. Worse, because he is supposed to stand for law and order.

The power has gone to his head. I would not trust anybody in the Sheriff's Office to help [me], because his deputies are painted with the same brush.
Judith Rich, city unavailable

We're still waiting, Rose: When are people going to admit that Joe Arpaio is a shyster? When are people going to open [their] eyes and see all the criminal acts this sorry excuse of a person has committed.

Illegal is illegal, right?
Rose Valencia Sanchez, city unavailable

Facts don't go away: I love the fools who still gargle with [Arpaio's] balls — even when presented with facts and evidence about his many misdeeds.

Facts are a stubborn thing. You don't need to believe in them, yet they remain true.
Chris Nanoski, city unavailable

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PUT THIS CRACKPOT IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!! What are the feds waiting for? The longer they wait the more money he wastes. Hes lovin the publicity. Hes a publicity pig and needs to be held accountable for his actions.


I think it's great that you guys are keeping the pressure on that Arpaio guy....he does'nt handle it well and thats why he is always screwing up. There is a Sheriff back here in Virginia named Ewel Hunt that is looking for a job, could it be possible to get Arpaio to hire him? I mean....hes no different than Arpaio, the County Of Franklin is passing out the petition to fire this Sheriff Hunt, thats why I say he will be looking for a new job. In the news out here people are already comparing this Sheriff Hunt to Joe Arpaio. If you could read the latest scandal that this sheriff back here did last week it would make your blood boil.


i agree, feds have been investigating, i think that in the corporate offices of the fbi and doj, need to realize, the longer it takes, the more they are doing criminally, look, arpaio has stolen over $119 million + and they know this to be fact...why wait, INDICT....and ARREST his ass..also the new developments, involving joe arpaio, new twitch for him, on a settlement to satisfy a lawsuit wires to persons who have judgements against him were stopped, and during the transfers, then they attempted to extort thousands of dollars causing extortion and fraud charges to be filed against the banks involved and the executives of the banks to be investigated and arrested on corruption....these facts will show in the near future, this is inside the federal investigations FIRST HAND...

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