Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, June 16, 2011


Consider the source: To say I am disappointed about your misleading article ("Loving Cult," Stephen Lemons, June 2) would be an understatement.

If you can live with your conscience writing disparaging lies and publishing this kind of rubbish, then I have nothing left to say, except I have lost respect for your journalistic integrity.

Nevertheless, I wish [the author] well on [his] veg endeavors — for the animals, [his] own health, and, ultimately, our shared planet.
Kris Greene, Supreme Master Television

Lia's saving the planet: As Green restaurant's owner [Damon Brasch] says in your story, the National Football League is just as much a cult as "Supreme Master" Ching Hai's bunch. Plus, as another source says in the article, this is a cult we can all live with.

Cult or not, what exactly is bad about teaching that vegetarianism is good for the human body and for our planet? These are just facts.

The rest of what Ching Hai says is not as offensive as some of what is preached in the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religions. If all I have to do is "go green" to be sanctified by Hai's church, then I'm there.

I'm cabbing it to the Prius dealership now, after which I will drive over to the Loving Hut in Glendale for a sumptuous meal of tofu and soy products [masquerading] as meat. Yeah!
Lia Fleming, Tempe

Not yet anyway: Okay, this woman Ching Hai is a fucking nut-job. But who cares? I love the fare that Loving Hut serves. If her chefs could cook for me [all the time], I could give up meat.

And I know that if I did give up meat, I would be healthier — not to mention all the other benefits to the Earth that Stephen Lemons' story throws out there.

I'm not even sure why Lemons needed to go into the cult [claims], which seem pretty farfetched. It's not like Hai is asking her followers to drink poison Kool-Aid.
Jon Olive, Phoenix

Cult of football: The NFL does have a cult following, at least as that word is defined in Webster's:

"a: great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (as a film or book); especially: such devotion regarded as a literary or intellectual fad,

b: the object of such devotion,

c: a usually small group of people characterized by such devotion."

We should examine each cult by its merits and avoid blanket statements. I don't have an opinion on this one, but I've got a lot of information to consider.

Interesting read. Even with the slow start, I like your depth. You can't find reporting like this in the other Arizona outlets.
Kit Carson, Phoenix

Glad to help, Tim: I read your article and hightailed it over to the Loving Hut in Central Phoenix. Because what you wrote spoke to me.

I have high blood pressure and other maladies, and my doctor suggests that I go to a vegan diet to control it all.

When you described fake meat dishes that really taste like the real thing, I knew I had to try them.

I found both the faux fried shrimp and the faux Mongolian beef just as you said: Delicious, and if I hadn't known that what was put before me wasn't meat, I would've been fooled.

You may have saved my life!
Tim Carpenter, Phoenix

In defense of Loving Hut: I have visited many Loving Huts in my business travels and have not once been asked to join the group, or so-called cult.
Name withheld

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you know, people like this, groups who find someone that intimidates them, and or has something they want, well, i have run into this matter, and told them all to straite FUCK OFF and back the fuck up off of me, they did not listen, and well one of them ended up getting stabbed and the others run from me now, SMART FUCKING MOVE BITCHES...these people are nothing but bullies, and should be taken out back and beat...


Our local government is in financial crisis, so they vote to make residents pay sales taxes on food purchased in grocery stores. Businesses are having financial problems because of the economy, so they start laying people off. These are people who have worked for years, for decades. Work is hard to find, especially for the elderly. Wages are being lowered. The Federal government steps in and offers a Stimulus package for states with high unemployment. This is money that would go to these individuals actively seeking a job. It isn't much, but it pays for housing, utilities, and food; money that goes back into the local economy. Our local politicians say no, we don't want it, and they actually turn their backs on these people. The people who trusted them when they voted for them. I would really love a list of the politicians who made this decision. I know alot of unemployed workers, and will be glad to share this list. They ALL vote !


The Catholic Church serves communion wafers. The Catholic Church (actually all churches are) are a cult. But their food tastes like cardboard! As an animist, I'll take the Loving Hut's food. I actually took my current wife on our first date there! She was IMPRESSED!

I just wish they would offer a lunch special under $5.00 - the Japan Express just around the corner does and I put together a great vegetarian lunch (tofu, vegies, brown rice and miso soup) there for $4.99 almost every day.

Stephen, if you're serious about getting a healty diet, check out Sheryl Crow's book - If it Makes You Healthy.


well look at catholics, no one wants to be an alter boy nowadays, and the priests are dropping like flies, and any church or organized religous group would be considered a cult, and knowing of the actions by these religous wanna beee's and their actions are the reasons for why i am not a believer in god or religion, they are a farse and a way for people to attempt to control another persons life, which is not only unconstitutional but criminal....ARREST THEM ALL....the constittution should ready, THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF CONGREGATION, FOR RELIGOUS WORSHIP, ONLY IF YOU LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.....I DON'T BELIEVE AND WILL NEVER BELIEVE IN ANY RELIGOUS OR ANY KIND OF GOD....NEVER NEVER NEVER

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