Jack Grisham: The "closest thing you could get to a cult leader."
John Gillhooley
Jack Grisham: The "closest thing you could get to a cult leader."

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Clubhouse Music Venue

1320 E. Broadway Road
Tempe, AZ 85282

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Tempe


TSOL is scheduled to perform Sunday, June 26, at The Clubhouse Music Venue in Tempe.

"[TSOL] had a great presence — they blew everyone away. Jack is one of the guys I truly admire. Just a really, really great front man — and there are so many bad ones!" Peters croaks in his signature raspy voice. "He can really captivate an audience and doesn't think twice about lighting a kid on fire and shit. He's great."

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Though tsol is a great band to see live, esp. These days with all the original members, except Todd, being sober and playing better than they ever had, jack was one of the people that helped ruin punk in So. Cal. Back in the day. Punk prior to tsol, in So. Cal. Started in LA and was more art influenced and a lot less violent before jack and huntington beach skins brought violence to the scene in OC. He paints a picture of fighting violent hippies, jocks, and cowboys, which were attacking punks at that time but he and his crowd would also beat up anyone even in the punk scene that looked at them sideways, bumped into them, etc., much like skinheads did here in PHX in the early 80s. Also, the original cult type leader in So. Cal. Was Darby Crash, with his Germs Burn, a cigarette burn on the arm to prove allegiance to his group. Darby studied charismatic leaders like Manson and Hitler and used their techniques... jack may have been the cultish one of a bunch of mindless jocks turned punk from hb and edison high schools but it didn't take much to get these mindless brutes to jump on a violence bandwagon. Jacj was like a lot of us back then who ended up burning out on drugs but he came back initially as a icon and fashion plate in the NA 12 step meetings in costa mesa. Tsols earliest work was their best and they spent years fumbling and playing a lot of crap, at one time the band compromised of no original members playing horrible hard rock. They are worth catching live these days but putting jack up on a pedestal for his past actions his a sad and only ok'ing the violence he interjected into the scene which imho only ruined it unless you were built like a jock and/or were apeshit crazy about violence for violences sake... which is only demeaning to the more intelligent and artistic punks back then. Violence didn't have to bleed into real life... look at the Screamers to see it could be portrayed on stage but not by its fans or the band members.

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