So many mistakes were made initially by the police that getting a conviction is a long shot.

We're all humans. We all make mistakes. So if there is trouble with this case, I think human nature is the culprit, not any kind of cover-up.
Jack Harrington, city unavailable

Fond memories of the victim: As I read this article, my mind was flooded with sweet memories of growing up with Tommy in Tampa. He was funny, gentle, introspective, private. What a horrendous death for such a gentle and loving man.

Sadly, now we learn that he [may have been] the victim of known domestic violence and that the very people he would turn to for protection showed such a pattern of complete and utter disregard for his life.

I would think the people of Arizona would not rest until those involved in this tragic case are themselves investigated and held to account for their handling of the matter.
Roberta Creighton, city unavailable

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This is Hick Incompetence...and that cocky, self-righteousness has bungled many a murder case, 9-11 terror case and of course - the "Fast & Furious" fiasco...

Take the murder of Bob Crane for example...

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