I'm sure that Kutcher and his famous friends thought that the so-called "frat boy" approach would be more engaging and memorable to audiences.

When it comes down to it, even if Kutcher and his buddies are in it for the attention (which seems unlikely), and even if their numbers are wrong, child prostitution still exists, is still wrong, and there's still a group of widely recognized individuals trying to make sure everyone knows about it.

I don't see the big issue here.
Jasmine Hardwick, city unavailable

Letter to Ashton from a retired call girl: You claim to be interested in helping victims of sex trafficking. That's very commendable, and I'd like to help you. In fact, I'm offering you almost half a million supporters who have contacts you and the police don't: namely, adult voluntary prostitutes in the United States.

Here's what you need to do to get our support:

• Stop exaggerating, using bogus statistics, and outright lying about sex workers, and stop associating with people who do,

• Stop linking yourself to people who cloak their anti-sex-work agenda in "child-sex-slave" scare tactics,

• Stop denying our intelligence by supporting "end demand" schemes that infantilize us and rob us of choice, and stop supporting groups that do so,

• Contact organizations like the Desiree Alliance, Sex Workers Outreach Project, or Sex Workers Without Borders, who can provide you with real data and solid studies, and who will be happy to answer any questions you have about adult voluntary prostitutes,

• Most importantly, support full decriminalization of adult prostitution so we and our clients can be free to report underage or coerced prostitutes we encounter without fear of arrest.

If you're interested, just Google my name.
Maggie McNeill, city unavailable

It's the fault of groups that live off the "scam": Why go after Kutcher and Moore with such vehemence while ignoring those who make their livings and otherwise profit from this "scam?"

You go to great lengths to show widespread use of these alleged stats, then act as if Kutcher alone is the culprit. At least he's using his own money.
Robert Cameron, city unavailable

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