Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, July 28, 2011


So much for "will of the people": Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Attorney General Tom Horne are huge hypocrites. You can bet your ass that if medical marijuana weren't the thing that voters approved — and, instead, it was one of their pet right-wing issues — there would be no lawsuit ("Growing Pains," Ray Stern, July 14).

Of course, they are trying to stop medical pot, because they were against its passage all along! The sneaky bitches are using the ploy that they are trying to spare state employees, when there never was any threat. As you say, so much for the "will of the people."
John Duran, Tempe

Brewer and Horne pissing off fellow GOPers: Medical marijuana obviously is an issue that crosses party lines. If many Republicans didn't favor it, too, the ballot proposition would never have passed. Guess Jan and Tom didn't get the memo that they're pissing off Republicans, like myself, with their shenanigans.
Roscoe Dean, Tucson

Jan and Tom making us look dumb again: Yeah, funny (in a pathetic way) how Brewer and Horne spend scads of our tax money on legal action that makes Arizona look completely idiotic — like trying to uphold Senate Bill 1070.

And now they are making us look stupid and backward by legally challenging medical marijuana.

These goons should be impeached along with state Senate President Russell Pearce ("Hosed by Houser," Stephen Lemons, July 21).
Billy Travis, Phoenix

Coz is angry again: Fuck Brewer and Horne! Who elected these assholes, anyway? Oh, that would be the dumb-ass voters of Arizona. Hope [Gilbert medical-marijuana patient Ross Taylor] not only sues Gilbert's fucking pigs but Direct TV, as well. What total assholes Gilbert PD officers are.
Jim Cozzolino, Peoria

Anthony's got a simple plan: Speaking of canceling Direct TV [because the installer ratted out a medical-marijuana patient], I canceled it for unrelated reasons.

Since the government — federal or state — can't get its act together one way or another . . . everybody should get their [state medical-pot cards], get some seeds, and grow their own. Let the government do what it does so well — spin in endless circles.

A simple, effective plan, if you ask me!
Anthony Mark Previte, city unavailable

Do what you're told, Horne and Brewer: Okay, I'm going to make this simple to understand [for Jan Brewer and Tom Horne]:

You are democratically elected officials [bound] to support the voice of the people. The people say, "Legalize marijuana." You do it. Case closed.

I say that if you do not [adhere to] the voice of the people, you are kicked out of office. If 51 percent of state voters say yes to medical marijuana, come to terms with it. Or get out.
Thomas Myers, city unavailable

Live elsewhere if you don't like democracy: State law defines medical-marijuana dispensaries and cultivation sites, but the Carolyn Short cartel holds up implementation.

More than 841,000 Arizonans voted for the proposition. For those who do not believe in democracies, there are other countries besides America to live in.
Name withheld


Prosecute Bill Russell: Some say "the downtrodden [referring to homeless drug addicts]." Some say "the miserable." Some say "the sad." I've written feedback maybe once or twice in 50 years. But this is necessary ("Deadly Force," Stephen Lemons, July 7).

I was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago. The police told me I would never live to see my 21st birthday. I've been living in Phoenix for 30 years. I've had a couple of Phoenix police officers tell me that they should just put a bullet in the head of all drug users. I'm not saying that all police are bad.

I've known P.BO, which is what we call him, for a long time. We've had a lot of fun together, and, yes, drugs were mixed with some of it. But we never were violent. Our only crimes were using drugs.

Stephen Lemons is truly a man with integrity and humility. He knows what the true of heart know — that Bill Russell cannot prove that he acted in self-defense when he shot P.BO [real name: Percell Bagley].

How many Bill Russells should we let get away with shooting innocent people in the head? How many non-violent drug users should be shot in the head?

Russell is a man who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I hope Phoenix police investigators do their job on this cold-blooded cowardly shooting.
William Steele, Phoenix

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You've got to remember the leaders of arizona all came over on the mayflower. There old enough and just can't rememder what they said or done in the past few days all but janet Brewer she's just got a wine bottle follwing her. The time has come for a Major Revolution If you'll remember it states we the people not what Nickel bag Joe,Wine bottle Janet or flippeddy floop John McCain Says. Get these parasites out of office ASAP.


Forget for a moment that the issue being focused upon is medical use of MJ, only because like abortion, SB1070, etc are inflamatory in their nature. When the voters in a state pass a ballot proposal, any ballot prosal; that is the end of the game! PERIOD! When a politician of any party then attempts to de-rail the clear will of the electorate, that politician should be stripped of office. Those elected, are elected to follow and/or enforce the will of the people! PERIOD!

Any behavior other than that, if it was a federal issue, would be considered treason! I don't know how to label is when it is a state matter, but it is blatant malfeasence. Violating the "formalized will of the people" by an elected official, in my opinion, rises to the level of a crime, specifically a felony! Misconduct in Office!

What angers me, is that the citizens of AZ are so accustomed to corruption, and backdoor crap; that they have become numbed to it and the politicans know this. They know, that for them there is no downside. When are the citizens of this beautiful state going to take back control of it?


Would someone please explain to me how we will decrease unemployment by granting amnesty to some or all of the 12,000,000 people who entered the United States by illegal means? Where in Mexico did Homeland Security deport Nicky Diaz Santillan?


Now i suppose that:

since their federal government will no longer support it thecity of Ciudad Juarez will ask the US for money for it's "police"(more likely corrupt government officials) training and us being thekind, compassionate (read that "stupid") people we are will step upand send them 3 or 4 times the money they are looking for therebydirectly supporting a foreign police force. This will be YOUR money bythe way probably justified under "National Security">

Dolores Davis
Dolores Davis

Dear Mr. Schweikert,

I voted for you-I am writing to say my husband and I are retired as are most of the families in our neighborhood, military and other government body retired and existing on that government retirement pensions and social security.

Come Aug 3 or so, many of us will be defaulting on our rent/house payments. I don't see any bank willing to give us a break when our country will be already in default. Landlords certainly will not be generaous for the most part, either.

This is very unfair to those of us who have spent most of our adult lives in service to the US and other branches of local and state governments. We don't like the prospect of losing homes we have almost paid for; not to mention of being homeless. Further, instantly no health care! Now that is great deal for seniors! We WORKED hard for these pensions and medical coverage. We also PAID social security tax all those working years, as did our employers.

So much for the security our country had promised to provide for us after many years of service to our country.We have already suffered enough cutbacks from what we were originally promised 40 and 50 years ago.

Remember, we are retired, Mr. Obama and all our reps in congress. We will have plenty of time to hang around the polls-chatting with each other (and I promise you your ears will ring)-waiting to vote you ALL out of office because we will still be retired and will have plenty of time on our hands without our flower beds and vegetable gardens or homes to clean. We are a large member of the voting public now! We belong to an activist generation, too.

Thank God most of us have vehicles which are paid off! We will have shelter of a sort from the elements. Oh wait I suppose you will start charging us for property tax on the vehicles we will be living in! The IRS will be stealing our vehicles too!

Earlier today, my next door neighbor called your local office, Mr. S. to ask for your Washington office number. She was greeted with insolence from the person who answered the phone. He told her she had NO right to call your Washington office, sir, and refused to give her your number in DC. Does your office staff know you work for us?

Dolores Davis, Scottsdale


Politicians in arizona only care about lining their pockets with our money. Lets get together voters and get rid of these lying two faced creeps.


Your mistake, "Dumoudan" was in accepting Homeland Security as a viable, functional entity. Think about this, what should be the single most important "department" within the federal government; is of the old tale of the King (in this case DHS) riding on a horse in a parade, believing that he is wearing the most beautiful cape in the kindom, and because he is the King, the people pretend not to notice that he is naked. DHS is not capable of directing all of the resources at it's disposal. No single Entity can be functionally responsable for all of the things, over which it has been given responsibility.

Did you know that Janet (on paper) is the most powerful person in the Western World. Let that fact sink in a minute. Do you you feel comfortable? Do you feel safer than you did ten years ago? In the day when the FBI, ATF, Coast Guard, Justice Department,Customs, etc., etc., ect., were independent agencies reporting to Congress not only was a system of cross checks created, but IT WAS SETUP THAT WAY ON PURPOSE! It was known that the Octopus was too large and clumsey to be controled by one Agency or Person (Janet). When DHS was created the should have been to create a coordinating agency, not to direct each Department, but rather ensure that the flow of "security information" reached each of the players. The other of its' responsibilities should have been to "referee" any disputes between agencies, and to keep the Congress & the President informed.


The politician that forgets that "baby-boomers" now total in excess of 50 million people, and this number will rise. The generation of our Parents was (aand is) referred to as "The Greatest Generation"! That may, or may not be true, but our generation called baby boomers is comprised of millions, upon millions of people who weathered the "Viet Nam Era, "Watergate", "I did not have sex with that woman,,," we are cynical, we have no faith in government. Gov't has lost all credability. We've watched the promises of the campaign trail, become the "lies" of the next administration. We have witnessed scandal after after scandal unfold. WE ARE DONE WATCHING. Since 1964 you have trained a generation of American men/women to be the most highly trained killers in the world. Where did you think those warriers went, when you were through with us? Do you think we craweled off into a corner, never to be heard from again? If we were trained to a given level, how much of that training has been lost? The absolute fact is you trained men to always, always fall back on their training when their backs are against the wall.

Not only do you have more than 50 million voters outside the beltway, but IF angered to the point of utter frustration, the fact that we are still here ought to frighten one or two of you. Tis wise to never again leave us with an against the wall feeling. The latest generation of fighters begins to trickle home and begin to realize, as we that preceeded them did, that they have been lied to also, Where's my job? Where's my training? Where's my and my family's health care.

Admiral Yakamoto would be amused. He had the foresight to know that Japan had 'awakened a sleeping giant' after Pearl Harbor. It is more than Biblical to know that you 'Reap what you sew'.


All politicians are lying two-faced creeps. We need a revolution now.

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