"I tried five places in town to see if they could match my sausage recipes and nobody could do it," Pitt says. "I finally found a local Mexican guy who makes them for us."

They say there isn't a Texan in the barbecue business who's gotten pork ribs right — not so at Texas BBQ House. Here they are two-handed, thick strips of tenderness you eat like the meat version of corn on the cob. The pork loin and chicken are also decent, but not as good as the turkey breast, which, thanks to its rosemary rub, tastes like Thanksgiving Day.

As with the sauce, Texan barbecuers don't tend to talk about side dishes, but at Texas BBQ House they are understatedly good and deserve a mention: mustard-y potato salad, Texas creamed corn with sweet kernels bathed in butter and heavy whipping cream, crunchy cole slaw (wonderful alone or stuffed in a sandwich), and scrumptious pinto beans that taste like the veggie version of the 'cue.

It's all about the meat, sold by the half-pound and served on butcher paper at South Phoenix's Texas BBQ House.
Jackie Mercandetti
It's all about the meat, sold by the half-pound and served on butcher paper at South Phoenix's Texas BBQ House.

Location Info


Texas BBQ House

5037 S. 24th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Category: Restaurant > Barbecue

Region: South Phoenix


See: Texas BBQ House in photos.

Texas BBQ House
5037 South 24th Street
Hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday

Moist brisket (half pound): $6.29
Pork spare ribs (half-pound): $5.04
Sausage link: $3.89
Turkey breast (half-pound): $5.84

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"We throw in our brisket rub, sauce, and chopped beef when we make them," Pitt says.

At Texas BBQ House, the counter's where the magic happens, so order up, watch the carve, and bring the green — this cash-only establishment keeps costs down that way. Keeping true to another Texas tradition, it's closed on Sunday, and, until they get their liquor license next month, you're welcome to BYO a cold beer or two.

Waiting four years to do his own 'cue in Phoenix has made Pitt a restless Texan, indeed. He's planning to open his second location in Old Town Scottsdale in October.

"Before we open, I want to make sure we're doing everything right here," Pitt says. "It's all about consistency."

Yes, sir, it's all about the meat.

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Anon like.author.displayName 1 Like

Sad to say, it wasn't that good and won't stay open with that grub. Pretty average, not bad, just not worth a trip to it.

Sunshyneeday like.author.displayName 1 Like

Texas BBQ House certainly has everything you want in good BBQ. The brisket is amazing and can't be beat, especially anywhere in the Phoenix area.


Finally something close to real BBQ in Phoenix. And Rudy's is damn good, but every real joint in Texas has this setup.


I tried the cutters choice brisket yesterday and it was good enough to order another helping of the moist. Great job guys! Next I tried a rib and it was tasty but a little tough and dry, I will give them another try as I see potential. The turkey was moist and flavorful but had way too much rosemary for my taste. Another I will give a second try. The sausage was good but just average, not the Texas style I wanted but some will enjoy them. When I saw pinto beans my eye lit up but was somewhat disappointed as they seemed like a jazzed up canned bean. They were tasty but I hope to find a place that makes fresh pintos Texas Style. All in all I will be back and highly recommend the moist brisket and look forward to trying the rest of their menu.

Jacq Davis
Jacq Davis

Haha, this seems to be inspired by my favorite Texas BBQ restaurant - Rudy´s "Country Store" and Bar-B-Q. I will have to see if they are anywhere close to Rudy's in quality.

Erica O.
Erica O.

This place sounds amazing. I am definitely going to get my brisket on.


Yea! More BBQ is always welcome.


Best BBQ in Arizona , i am a backyard BBQ King , cant hold a candle to there BBQ . Everything i have tryed has been the best , and i have tryed it all , Mike and the gang there are great . Keep it up . You need to open one in Surprise


This place is absolutely amazing! The owner is very down-to-earth, one of the best, and you can sense that this place is meant for family and good 'ol BBQ...great meat for a great price!! Congrats on a fantastic restaurant!! This kansan girl is very proud :)

CenTex BBQ
CenTex BBQ

"They say there isn't a Texan in the barbecue business who's gotten pork ribs right — not so at Texas BBQ House."

Sounds like someone hasn't been to Franklin BBQ.

Also, I appreciate the effort to bring brisket to the valley. God knows that freakin tri-tip was a 3rd trimester abortion in all the "BBQ" joints around town. Looks like a Rudy's knock-off, but heck, I'd never complain about a Rudy's clone in the desert.

Well done.