However, those who speak Spanish exclusively also need to know that to succeed in this state and in the United States, English is the language to learn. Look at the successful immigrants around you.
Connie G. Scrammel, city unavailable

The vast majority do obey them, Harrison: There isn't "anti-immigrant" or "anti-Latino" sentiment in Arizona — beyond the usual isolated and universally despised pockets of racist losers you'll find in any other state.

We just ask that our friends from south of the border obey our laws when entering our country, for their safety and ours. Just as is expected in every other country.
Harrison Bergeron, city unavailable

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If the 12,000,000 plus illegal immigrants had a political leaning towards the conservative republicans would the pro illegal immigrants group still help with amnesty? I don't think so.


RE: Slim Pickins Thanks to the editors note on the front page of this article I knew to expect an article with an agenda from word one. I couldn't have imagined though the extent Phoenix New Times would slant each and every issue. Unbelievably biased reporting. Please, give us articles that allow us to think for ourselves and make up our own minds on these serious issues. I'm a good forty years past the age when I need to be spoon fed!


"I'm a good forty years past the age when I need to be spoon fed!"

Pre-chewed food is more like what you need, granny. Whassamatta with learnin' Spanish?

The hicks in Phx sure are hostile to gettin some learnin...

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