And when they're not working on their own band, they're producing for other artists, such as the aforementioned Cut Throat Logic, and providing cameos on tracks by other performers — Lifted recently produced the track "Can You Believe It" on The Game's mixtape Hood Morning [No Typo] Candy Coronas, which featured Lil' Wayne and Baby.

The guys' work ethic seems tireless, aided in part by the group's relationship with another multi-genre group, The Phunk Junkeez. Rapper/DJ Soulman (Joe Valiente) is Lifted's cousin, and Pancho and Lifted's former bands played with The Junkeez, who taught the duo a lot, as they are quick to acknowledge.

Valiente says that though he might have been an inspiration to Pancho and Lifted, the guys hold their own in the Valley's music community. The New F-O's play at clubs where cover bands can't even play, and they're very relevant in the party scene," Valiente says. "Those two guys together personality-wise make a good thing happen."

The New F-O's bring feel-good hip-hop to Phoenix.
Robb Castro
The New F-O's bring feel-good hip-hop to Phoenix.

Location Info


Roxy Lounge

7443 E. 6th Ave.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Central Scottsdale


The New F-O's are scheduled to perform Thursday, September 15, at The Roxy Lounge in Scottsdale. To hear a new track from the group, visit

The group's hustle reveals a group with eyes on the big time, and the music of Real Life Feel Good is effervescent and infectious. The key to sounding so effortless? Ask the New F-O's, and they will say the answer is simple.

"We feel like music should be fun, and that's our main objective when we're in the studio," Lifted says. "If it's not fun, why are we doing it?"

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Creatively and musically, they don't have it. They make OK music and write OK raps and most of their "success" comes from the fact that the frontman is a white guy and they have guitar players. Take away the band and they wouldn't get a single shows. But it's funny how you never see the band in any of the pics. Just the two so-called "rappers".

Just read the track listing for that EP to get an idea of the creativity level. Listen to it if you're really brave. I defy anyone to make sense of it.

Lauren Heimerdinger
Lauren Heimerdinger

It's all the same thing. You must of not listened closely to their songs. They have tons of fans willing to support them any chance they can. Have a song on 2 tv shows and being nominated in the Emmy awards is talent. If you read my previous post or met these guys in person, you would know they aren't even close to the other hip-hop/pop wanna-bees. Check them out before you go hating on them.


Keep up the good work Boys!

Lauren H.
Lauren H.

The duo and the rest of their band are amazing. I am so happy and thankful that my former Music Business instructor brought them into class one day last school semester. I love the band because they make you feel like you're their friends. You never see or hear them act like a notorious celebrity that thinks they are better than their fans and everyone else. I've always wondered a couple questions but been too shy to ask them. The first one being Lifted's real name, but I am happy that he is keeping it a secret, And the other question is what F--Os stands for exactly and how they came up with that name. All the shows that I've been to were awesome.


What about the rest of the band??

Nicki Escudero
Nicki Escudero

For the second question: it's a play off Lifted's old group, The Formula.

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