No matter how full you may be, passing up desserts at Beaver Choice would be a mistake — just look inside the bakery case. There are Scandinavian-style treats like "beaver balls," sweet orbs of oatmeal and chocolate with coconut sprinkles; sticky, flat oatmeal cookies filled with lemon cream; and a deceptively light (in weight, not in calories) layered creation called Beaver Supreme, made with slabs of meringue, oranges, and whipped cream.

And when you tell Gabrielsson she easily could charge two or three dollars more for food this unique, this satisfying, she will look surprised — then wave you away, laughing. Later she will bring out samples of a new bread she wants to try or spend time telling you about the soups she's working on for fall. Because you, like the lucky few who know about Beaver Choice, are now part of her family, which means you understand there may be longer wait times for made-to-order dishes, and that her biological family, the ones who run Beaver Choice with her (and are just as friendly), cannot always get to your table quickly when there is a rush.

Sure, the name sounds funny, but at Beaver Choice, (mostly) Swedish dishes get seriously delicious in a hurry.
Jackie Mercandetti
Sure, the name sounds funny, but at Beaver Choice, (mostly) Swedish dishes get seriously delicious in a hurry.

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Beaver Choice

745 W. Baseline Road
Mesa, AZ 85210

Category: Restaurant > Scandinavian

Region: Mesa


Beaver Choice
1743 East Broadway Road, Tempe
Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday

Swedish Meatballs: $10.50
Flying Jacob: $10.75
Pork Schnitzel: $11.25
Fish Bake in Swedish Caviar Sauce: $12.50

After all, that's what the Uno cards over the fake fireplace next to the children's drawings are for.

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Yes, Beaver Creek has delicious food and excellent service but after getting take out from them several times my portions were very small. I mean the side dishes consisted of a spoonful of peas, bite of salad, and one scoop of dilled covered mashed potatoes.

I will go back, and eat in this time and see if the portions really look like those in the picture that is with this article.


Swedish dishes get seriously that phrase!

Maya D
Maya D

OMG I LOVE THAT YOU GUYS DID THIS! I met some of the coolest people in Phoenix at Beaver Choice this summer! I'm so glad that they're getting so much love from New Times! Wish they could FedEx me a laxpudding right now....


Love the review almost as much as I have loved the Beaver Choice.