Extreme terms like "fascism" aren't unusual for Torgersen, who isn't afraid to explore fringe ideologies. He recorded a dubstep track called "9/11 Was an Inside Job" with the group Chem Trails earlier this year. He views the Fed as an unconstitutional entity: "I don't care if I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but it is a conspiracy when we can't even audit [the Fed]."

Like those in the Occupy movement, Ron Paul supporters are varied: frustrated with "banksters," America's wars, and the general state of the economy — problems Paul long has harped on.

"[He's] been kind of an economic prophet. He was the only congressman in Congress, in 2006, to warn everybody about the housing bubble," Torgersen says. "Everyone was like, 'Crazy Uncle Ron,' and now that these things have come to fruition, people are a little more willing to listen to him. It's almost like a movie script: It's like the crazy guy warning everyone about the Apocalypse, and then it's starting to happen, and maybe he's not so crazy after all."

Trevor Denton and Danny Torgersen
Trevor Denton and Danny Torgersen

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"He released his economic plan, which balances the budget," says Denton. "Part of [it is] his slashing of five departments out of the federal government. One of them is the Department of Education," says Denton, with a hint of doubt in his voice. "When I first read that, it was kind of [startling]. Obviously, education is shitty, but I think reform would be better than gutting it. [Yet] he wants that handled on the state level. He's saying there should be social programs on a state level, [but] that shouldn't necessarily be the job of the federal government."

When I suggest that we live in an awkward state for that argument, Denton pauses, going back to the point that discussing point-by-point solutions isn't the overall goal.

Torgersen takes it even further. "What I think is beautiful about Ron Paul's message is that, deep down, I don't think his superior goal is to get elected," he says. "I think it's just to get the word out." And if Paul does win, "Well, sweet. [It] doesn't seem like he cares about that much that he gets booed at the debates. He knows."

With polls indicating that Paul will not receive the Republican nomination, and the collapse of the Rock the R3volution tour on a national level (fitting, in a way, given that infrastructure is not much of a Libertarian value), Torgersen and Denton view their goal as one of spreading the message and fostering a conversation — and they are more than happy to discuss differing views.

"I think one purpose political music can share — besides just expression — is information," Torgersen says. "A deficiency of information has allowed a lot of these things to pass. As much as it's an expression and ideology, [political music] is a way to share information that wouldn't have as much of a reception if it weren't music. You know? Some of Squeegee's music is political, [and] I just make it because I'm inspired."

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If you base the intelligence of people off an article written by someone else then you just made your first mistake. Tell me Josh Brueggen do you base all your assumptions of people off of what you read in the media?

Rick Duffin
Rick Duffin

Tevor and Danny, you guys rock for taking on a serious topics - endless wars and mounting debt - and trying to explain them and get people fired up. As an over 50 guy that was heavy into Pink Floyd, I am pretty charged up about the young people on campuses all around the country that "get it". Specifically, it was NOT the free market that led to the housing boom/bust, but our corrupt government and Federal Reserve (banksters) along with governments Fannie and Freddie that worked WITH Wall Street to create this mess and then bail the crooks out. It is not easy to explain. You can't do it in a sound-bite and it sounds almost counter-intuitive. For those that want more government, just better government, keep on wishing. I'm heading to Buffalo to see The Madeliene Haze (from Philadelphia) on Dec 3rd. and am really looking forward to meeting the liberty minded of the younger generations.

Rick DuffinCleveland, OH

Independent Thought
Independent Thought

Wasn't expecting the phrase "circle jerk" to come out of left field like that.


So basicially these two fell for obama hook line and sinker. Just goes to show how powerful the message of freedom is that it can even penetrate these two guys who honestly don't come off as all that bright. Luckily most of Pauls supporters are a little more on the up and up than these two, but I guess they need the message more than most do. Could be the beginning of a real education for them, best of luck on that.

Mace Ooo Jam
Mace Ooo Jam

Great article. The free market is you. Not a corrupt government in kahootz with limited options. People that call themselves liberals or conservatives are just cheese that all has the potential to stink... and does. Ron Paul offers, with a genuine track record, your freedom of choice. And if you don't have a better solution than true capitalism, that's what you need to use your own mind in, and choose. Otherwise Bush/Obama... more of the big con. Anyway, good luck from New Zealand.


"People say, 'Look what the free market did to us now;;"

You can't fix stupid.

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