Key Losers @ Trunk Space

California Lite, the new album from Key Losers, starts off with a fakeout — 15 seconds of weird, rumbling noise — before segueing into "Limited Time," a synth-washed gem that owes more than a little to the Laurel Canyon folk. The latest work from Arizona native Katy Davidson (you may have heard her as Dear Nora), California Lite tips the hat to Davidson's various locales, featuring production and session work from Oregonians Phil Elverum and Karl Blau, as well as playing from former Asleep in the Sea member (another AZ native) Tom Filardo. Though hardly a straightforward pop record, the record is littered with nods to California pop sounds, like the hazy saxophone and soul section of "Horizon Line" and the smooth guitar noodles of "Real Time Here." We may be biased, but we think we even hear a little bit of a desert vibe on "Bi-Focal," proving (to us anyhow) that despite Davidson's mostly West Coast geographic status, there's still a little Arizona lingering in the fascinating, moving music of Key Losers.

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