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A writer with insight: I never understood the intricacies of the Baseline Killer case until I read your article ("Waiting for Goudeau," Paul Rubin, November 10). I always wonder whether cops are railroading some poor ex-con schmuck to [clear] a bunch of cases, but after reading this, I can see that the right man was arrested and convicted this time.

Thanks for all the insider information from your writer, who was on the scene when police discovered [one] of the victims. That kind of insight can only come from covering Phoenix for [a long time], which your writer obviously has.

Questions: Why have I never heard of a female serial killer? Why do these guys develop such a hatred for women?
Jennifer Schmidt, Phoenix

Kudos for Rubin: [Recently], I had the opportunity to read your extremely well-done article. Despite the late hour that I started to read, I could not put the paper down. It felt like I was reading a John Grisham or Stephen King, two of my favorite authors.

What appeals to me is the attention to detail your articles seem to always provide, [eliminating] any ambiguity. [Paul Rubin] continues to be my favorite [of New Times' writers].
Tom Vickery, Phoenix

A sick sociopath: As I watched Mark Goudeau smiling in court, I was amazed. To see him there, you would almost believe [him innocent]. Then I read your story, and now I get it:

Sociopaths like Goudeau feel no remorse, have no feeling for their victims and their families, believe what they have done is perfectly natural, what they were put on this Earth to do. No wonder he was smiling [as he was being tried for] murdering nine women!
Stephanie Gonzalez, Phoenix

Cops got the wrong man: This was a whitewashed article about the railroading of a suspect who got picked to be guilty because the politicians thought it was taking too long to wrap up the case.

[You] don't mention that they searched his home several times on different days before they came back and surprisingly found the ring, which all killers take home with them after they murder someone, huh?

Of course, a cop has never planted anything in order to make a case, huh?

And then they sent the DNA swab to Arizona [Department of] Public Safety after they remembered they needed to corroborate the sample that they "linked" his DNA to, but it was never proven that it actually was his, because they couldn't.

Much evidence was suppressed and withheld from other investigators on the case that supported the guilt of another party. There are much more informative articles out there on this subject than this "story" in New Times.
Walter Concrete, Phoenix

Goudeau had his neighbors on edge: I lived a few blocks from Mark Goudeau at the time, and I can tell you that people were freaked. I walked up on a lady suddenly on a sidewalk near his place, and she pulled a gun out of her purse and [pointed it] at me.

When she saw I was white and carrying a bag of groceries, she breathed a sigh of relief, [put away] the pistol, apologized, and we both went on our way.

With what we thought at the time were two serial killers roaming the streets (turned out there were two guys in the Serial Shooter case, for a total of three), I'm surprised that [panicked] people didn't [attack] each other, adding to the melee.
John Rogers, Phoenix

Thanks (we think): This is world-class writing. And to think that it comes from a weekly rag in Phoenix, which is a podunk big city if ever there was one.
Taylor Rocack, city unavailable

Harsh: Let's all hope what's left of [Mark Goudeau's] life is filled with nonstop sodomy and indescribable pain.
Ranaye Outah, city unavailable

To Mark Goudeau: You are an embarrassment to all black people and, especially, black men.

Did it occur to you, as you were committing your crimes, that you were causing others to think that your despicable behavior becomes a stereotype of black men?

There are black people who have tried to overcome the stereotypes of the criminal behaviors that, for generations, [have] characterized the race. And then you come along with your violent and predatory behaviors and bad decisions.

Don't dare blame it on drugs or your environment, Mark.

Here [we've progressed] to having a black president, and you set the race back. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, but I bet you are not ashamed. You brutalized and raped for two seconds of pleasure.

I want your life taken as you've taken the lives of others.
Name withheld

Proud of papa: Goudeau is a sick individual. My father is one of the detectives mentioned in this article, and I am very proud to say he did a great job and worked his ass off. It is people like him who are keeping the rest of us safe.
Name withheld

Goudeau's a bad man in prison, too: Good story, but let me add something. Goudeau is a total wacko who can flip in a split second. I lived and worked around this waste of [air] for a couple of years at the Mohave Unit in Douglas.

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DNA - all gone!
DNA - all gone!

NOTHING proves Goudeau to be the Baselne killer. It has to be questioned that why is every single piece of DNA raw evidence gone. Nothing left for Goudeau to test, nothing. DPS even consumed (during testing) raw DNA evidence even after they had results! Furthermore, even the judge in this case calls the DNA evidence "scant" - for all of you think there were tons of DNA.

My Dad is a Dic
My Dad is a Dic

If your father was one of the dics who worked this case, and if he is part of the good 'ole buddy system on the 4th floor at PPD, then he's as corrupt as they come. He's probably part of the cover up, lying, and hiding of evidence that went along in this investigation.


Paul Rubin will piss on your back and then tell you it's raining. Don't believe what this idiot writes. He makes it up as he goes to appeas his police buddies.


Paul Rubin writes good fiction for his buddy detective Alex Femenia. Mark's behavior while in prison was exemplary, productive and without issues. Rubin is void of all and any journalistic morals and writes nothing but bald face lies and misrepresentations. The prison billshit he writes underscores this. Mark didn't get hooked into gangs, drugs, tatoos, or any bad behavior whatsoever. He went to school and worked for a private company on the prison yard for 5 years. They changed his title in order to keep him on past the normal 2 year work term becasue of his work ethics and performance. I don't know how Paul Rubin sleeps at night, Monsters like him burn in hell. Thank you Larry Rendel for speaking up. Rubin should be run out of town for inflaming people with lies. He wouldn't know what the truth is if it his him in his ugly girlish face.

Larry Rendel
Larry Rendel

FREE AT LAST, I wish i could jump on the band wagon against Mark, I know him ,kinda. As much as you could know someone that you sleeped next to for 4 years .Ladies & gentlemen he's not a sycho, i've never seen him loose his temper,actually i cant recall him ever raising his voice,for that matter.He has a loving girlfriend that he visited for the 4 yrs. i new him. I've kept my mouth shut through all this ,but i just read a comment about his behaivor in prison, and it couldn't be farther from the truth. He wasn't leading any group ,or beating people up ."soddemy",please!!!!!!! He played softball,lifted weights & minded his own buisness.Doesn't sound like a seriel killer to me,too you? I still am in shock when i saw whom they said the killer was.Lost or misshandled evidence . VIctim of the same crime descibed 2 totally different people,niether matching Marks description.A scratchy resturant video was their evidence,& you couldnt see any part of his body. I don't think he did it. i just find it hard to believe that you could live litterally inches away from someone for four years ,and not be able to come up with one instance that would make you think he could be the guy they make him out to be. Sorry i just don't see it, Another victum of the system


@Jennifer Schmidt: You might want to check out wikipedia (and other sources as well) - there definitely are and have been female serial killers in the past, and they target mostly men, but they are much rarer than male serial killers, as you've noticed.

Funny Junk
Funny Junk

It's funny how this article came out on the 23rd.


To Wendy Goudeau: Seek help immediately!

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