Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, December 15th, 2011


What does it tell you, Monica?: What is New Times' position on immigration, anyway? On one hand, you seem like an open-borders rag, and then you write an article proving how corrupt U.S. border-protection agencies are ("Gangster Rep," Monica Alonzo, December 1).

If you are happy about all the illegal aliens around here, then why do you care whether dirty Border Patrol agents let more of them in? Well, I guess you'd argue that this [story] isn't so much about Mexican [workers] coming over as [it is about] drugs and guns [getting brought in].

Did anybody else notice that the corrupt agents you profile all had Mexican names? Tells you something, doesn't it?
Monica Wells, Mesa

Border corruption must be stopped: No wonder our border situation is so fucked up! These poorly [background-checked] and trained agents proliferate in the agencies that are charged with securing our country.

The sheer amount of corruption that you documented in the Border Patrol is shocking. And yet safeguards aren't even in place yet. This issue must be addressed now, not whenever it is [politically expedient] for [President Barack] Obama.
Dan Staples, city unavailable

Blame it on the Tea Partiers: The problems [among Customs and Border Patrol] officers can be laid at the feet of the Tea Party, [whose members] screamed until they were red in the face that we had to have more border forces immediately — training and checks into personal histories be damned!
Name withheld


Lemons versus Brewer? No contest: Governor Jan Brewer is an idiot. That [Arizonans] have to endure her for two more years is a travesty ("Profile in Cowardice," Stephen Lemons, December 1).

The idea of her writing a book is purely absurd, and I love the way New Times takes her down. Though it's not much of a match. Lemons versus Brewer: Hmm, I'm going to go out on a limb and bet my house and car on Lemons in this one.
Larry Dembrowski, Phoenix

Jan was clueless about legality of 1070: Your New Times photo illustration [of Jan Brewer's head atop a scorpion's body] is unfair to really good scorpions everywhere.

[You stated:] "By signing [Arizona Senate Bill] 1070, she did not do the difficult thing, as she insists. She did the easy thing. She pandered to racism whipped up by hateful nativists."

[Indeed, this] action simply was the easiest and most politically advantageous to Mrs. Brewer's campaign.

Interestingly, it appears she really has no idea of the content or legality of the text of SB 1070. One can only assume that she simply doesn't care to actually know about a bill she signs into law — only about how it can be of advantage to her.

I am hoping one of those scorpions [she claims to eat for breakfast] stings her soon.
Tommy Collins, Phoenix

1070 was only a message to the U.S. government: Common sense went out the window with this article. People will use anything to support their cause. Simply, SB 1070 sent a message to the federal to government to get off [its] rear end and do something about the immigration problem.

I think you have the argument about 1070 all wrong. The conservatives want illegal immigration, or something would have been done in the past 20 years about the inflow of illegals. Conservatives like the inexpensive labor.

The liberal cause should be standing up for the citizens of this country, [supporting] taking care of our own.
Mateo Nelson, city unavailable

And it was a failure: So SB 1070 was just about sending a message to the federal government? Well, even by that measure, it is a complete failure. Are we reduced to passing unconstitutional laws to send messages?
Chad Snow, Peoria

How so, David?: This article [on Jan Brewer] sounds to me like pure racist, pro-illegal-immigration, liberal propaganda.
David Stutz, San Benito, Texas

We never get tired of it: Although I agree about Jan Brewer's inability to communicate, lack of intellectual capacity, and ambition sans merit, I do get tired of New Times' (and, yes, Mr. Lemons, this time I mean you) need to vilify, mock, and deride.

I hate it from the right; I hate it from the left, as well. Civility is lacking in our governor, but does it also need to be lacking in our journalists?
Richard Blackmore, city unavailable

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An administrative law judge ruled Tuesday that a Tucson school district's ethnic studies program violates state law, agreeing with the findings of Arizona's public schools chief.


I am writing to you in regards to a situation that happened this week with one of Arpaio's henchman. Before I go into exactly what happened this week, I just want to lay out some facts: In April of 2009, my son was in a bad car accident. The second one in a year and he was not at fault. Because he was dealing with fractured vertebrae, as well as a torn labrum/rotator cuff, he was in a lot of pain. He was begging for medical attention, however, because a few crumbs of marijuana were found in the car, he was taken to jail for a few hours. The marijuana charges were dismissed, but he was put on probation and told to take a one day class. His doctor did not want him sitting for that long, due to numerous fractured vertebrae and a torn labrum/rotator cuff, and my son was supposed to have a doctor's note sent to the probation officer, Kit Russell. At the same time this was happening, my son was helping me deal with complications from a mastectomy, as well as help with my mother who had end-stage emphysema and lung cancer. We lost her April 14th of this year. The day before he and I left for Chicago for my mom's funeral, my son called Kit Russell the probation officer to let him know. My son thought his doctor would be faxing the not to Kit, but that did not happen. My son and I fully realize this was his responsibility. Unfortunately, when he and I got back to AZ. he did not follow-up to make sure the letter was sent. He never received anything from the probation office, nor did he receive anything about a warrant for his arrest for not providing the documentation which would have taken him off probation. He thought everything had been resolved. Believe it not, knowing my son was in Chicago at his grandmother’s funeral, he went ahead and issued a warrant anyway.

Last week when the article came out about the DOJ and Arpaio I got very vocal on various websites and blogs. I cannot stand Arpaio and was really angry about the situation.

Two days after writing a lot of negative comments about Arpaio, someone came pounding on our door at 5:30am. It was someone from the Sherriff’s office coming to take my son in for the outstanding warrant he knew nothing about. I opened the door to a very tall, large officer. I started to step outside, as my son was still sleeping, and he, with the front of his body, backed me into my condominium. Then, when I started walking to my son’s room to wake him up, the officer pressed his body against my back as I was walking to get my son. I still get the creeps when I think of the sexual force/intimidation he used. I am 5’1”, very petite and disabled from chronic pain. He told my son he had been looking for him for two months. Isn’t it odd how my son is disabled and rarely goes out, yet the officer had been “looking for him for two months.” Isn’t it odd how the police have been here two other times, once for my son and his friends watching a Nebraska Cornhuskers game too loudly, which bothered on of my neighbors, as well as the time my son witnessed an altercation at a mini-mart and the police came to ask him some questions. When my son was put in handcuffs the officer elbowed him in the back. Per the Mayo ER, he now has yet another ruptured disc. Thanks Sherriff Joe! Also, please see the attached picture of my left arm. I went to close the door as it was cold, and I didn’t want my neighbors to see what was happening, and he grabbed me and shoved me back a few feet. Thus, the bruises on my left arm. Did I mention the officer was wearing a bulletproof vest? This was so over the top it was unbelievable.

As the officer was about to take my son to the 4th Ave jail, my son and I told him he was seizure prone and needed his medication. The officer took it, but it took one full day and three calls to the jail medical office to get them to give him something so he would not have a grand mal seizure.

My son spent some time at 4th Ave. where he was told “welcome to hell and don’t plan on getting out of here anytime soon.

A few hours after my son was taken away I found a wonderful bail bondsman who helped me post a bond. Even after the bond was posted, they decided to transfer my son to Durango.

Here are some of the lovely things that happened at Durango:He was not told any rules, guidelines, etc.When he pressed a button to ask for his medication, the corrections officers got on the loudspeaker and asked his cellmates to show him what happens when he presses the button. He gets punched in the face. If he didn’t eat his food, which was hard due to his stomach being in knots, he was told he was going to get beaten up. He was told if he was in there another day or two, he was going to have to participate in something called a commissary fight. The inmates are encouraged to go into the bathroom to fight. Apparently the corrections officers let the inmates handle the ones that they don’t like, or bother them by pressing buttons to communicate with them. There is a lot of nasty fighting in the bathrooms. When he asked for his medication he was told he was a heroin addict, something he has never touched, and that was that. The medical nurse at the jail finally took pity on him after over thirty hours, and finally gave him some medication to hopefully forestall a seizure. He accidentally clogged a toilet and was told that added hours onto his incarceration.Numerous jail employees whispered about what a bad due Arpaio is, and how they can’t stand him. And these people work for him!The corrections officers call African-Americans, “Niggers”, and Hispanics, “Beaners.” My son said the Hispancis were treated so badly it was unbelievable.

I find it so interesting that all of this transpired after I was vocal about my dislike for Arpaio. I find it sickening what goes on in the jail. My son has more stories, but prefers I not go into it further, as at this point, both of us are flat out paranoid and scared.

My son was finally released at 5:30am Friday morning, almost forty-eight hours after posting bond. I guess he can consider himself lucky, as he says there are kids who have been in there for weeks, even after bond has been posted.

I took my son to the emergency room Saturday and he has another ruptured disc.

I’m sorry, but the coincidence of my vocalizing my thoughts just two days before practically having my door busted down is a travesty.

I am furious and plan to seek legal counsel.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,AnonymousP.S. Arpaio and his henchman scare the daylights out of me. Everytime I leave my condo my fear level goes up and I continually look over my shoulder. Do my son and I really have to live this way due to a rotten-to-the-core Sherriff?


Since when is the mass exodus of the citizens of one country to another country considered "illegal immigration" instead of occupation of the country. When the Huns invaded countries, I don't beleive they were called "undocumented migrants". Do you?


FAMILY COURT FRAUDS STILL OPERATING SUPERVISION FACILITY IN MESA:A licensed psychologist on the Family Court list can have anyone working under their license. Courts do NOT have these sub-contracted agencies background checked, fingerprinted, verified,or photographed. Staff claims to be Phd's, therapists, & social workers but they are not.It's essential for anyone working in the Family Courts be verified because they are working with children who need to be safe; wear official badges like other government agencies and private industry. Who is checking? No agency should be taken at its word. They supply visitation services for children and should have the responsibility to the courts to submit official transcripts verifying their degrees, certifications, Arizona license, and diplomas. Both the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health and the Arizona Board of Psychologists have their hands tied. Should we allow unlicensed and unqualified people creep their way into the Family Courts and continue to operate? Should their libelous reports remain in evidence & influence Judges? Are the Courts responsible? Once they learn of a fraudulent agency & their staff, often under the disguise of another name or venue, they should be shut down immediately. The Courts and the Attorney General's office have taken no action. Why do Judges allow this to continue? Our children deserve better!Name withheld.


Two six foot high fences, no barb wire on top. Place them 100 yards apart on the US side of the border. Warning signs on the fences every 200 feet. AND LAND MINES IN BETWEEN THE FENCES. Problem solved.


1070 is about Equality. Equality, as in everyone has to follow the same rules and no one, no matter how much they whine, gets special treatment. Every day, thousands of people immigrate legally to this country. People from Russia, Korea, China, Europe, and Africa follow the immigration laws of this country, why shouldn't people from Mexico? Do Mexicans deserve to be treated better than everyone else? Is there something special about Mexicans that should make them immune from following the same laws that everyone else follows? I'm a seccond generation American. My family followed the rules and immigrated legally. If my family can do it everyone else can, too. Being Mexican does not make you special. Being Mexican does not mean that the laws do not apply to you. Sneaking into this country does not make you a citizen, it only makes you a criminal.

It amuses me and saddens me at the same time when I read about someone who thinks its a journalist job to take a position. I love that the Phoenix New Times investigates the hell out of a subject and then tells the truth no matter how uncomfortable it might be to hear. I doubt very much that they'd go easy on anyone no matter what. Lacey and Larkin have huge stones and don't give a crap who they piss off. Same goes for their staff. ****How reporting on the Madhouse of Maricopa and the inadequacies in the hiring standards of the Border Patrol are mutually exclusive is beyond me.

Dave Francis
Dave Francis


To a great extent the mainstream Liberal media appear traumatized by the old traditional issue, that there are only TWO foremost alternatives of what to do with the officially estimated number of 11 million illegal aliens (a disinfected figure.) This is for those persons who are residing without permission in this sovereign nation; either deporting them or allowing a Path to citizenship.

Nowhere is this counterfeit proposal more perceptible than in the media conduct of Mitt Romney's immigration proposal. It is substantially obvious to the American person, which in essence smells of Amnesty. No presidential contender has debated more about the particulars of dealing with the 11 million populations than Romney. He has told the numerous audiences of what his opposition to amnesty is, for aliens and what he suggests to do with them?

The problem for the Liberal media against Mitt Romney is that he maintains a third preference that is generally known as “ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT”, which doesn’t include anything like mass deportation and legalization. It’s a easy program giving access to a government website, that illuminates whether you can be hired or not and official directions what to do if you are flagged. The application also costs absolutely nothing to arrange, with its outcome--once going at full steam--is self-deportation that also cost nothing to taxpayers. However, the national press turns a blind eye, which has everything to do with removing illegal aliens from the workplace. God forbid that--Romney should receive any credit for his innovation that purely conveys his values, to difficult for most established Republican Members of Congress (and Democrats). But the Texas Governor should at least get a merit badge for having that position. Then we have Michele Bachmann, THE TRUE TEA PARTY CHAIRMAN. Bachmann needs to gain more momentum by establishing her stand more on the illegal immigration occupation.

Bachmann of Minnesota needs to press her opposition against Obama’s Department of IN-justice, as there ugly treatment of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah and soon North Carolina who are concerned by foreign national parasites, leeching the welfare assistance in those states; yet excluding not suing California, Nevada, Colorado, New York and others, who have declared their cities sanctuaries for illegal aliens and still receiving federal funds. In addition Bachmann should cite a second bill that has 80 sponsors is H.R.140, titled the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011, which was introduced by Rep. Steve King of Iowa, which will establish that babies smuggled into our nation, for the sole purpose of illegal parents to take advantage of the taxpayers. From the time of entry the parent can collect public entitlement, using the child as a pivot to remain here. Benefits will accumulate over many years of health care, education and further welfare supplements. If you cut off the billions of dollars in welfare and cash payments to ‘foothold children’, millions of illegal migrants and immigrants will leave, knowing there will be no more—FREE HANDOUTS.

Lady Bachmann has the highest grade of B-, determined by the pro-sovereignty group NumbersUSA, then followed on her heels by Romney who is graded at C-. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has dropped to a D-, after adopting that illegal alien solution, for those who have settled here for at least twenty five years and should receive a pardon, although not eligible for citizenship. One must wonder how Gingrich is going to construe who arrived here 25 years previous, or even ten years ago. For starters--how did they get a job, if the federal government was carrying out enforcement? Then again to get a job, they had to hand over a Social Security number to be hired. In other words they made up a SSN, and used fraudulent documents. So isn’t that a—FELONY?

This is why the House must pass the ‘Legal Workforce Act’ or better recognized as E-Verify. This is why Americans must come together and press the federal, State Representatives to co-sponsor Bill H.R. 2885. This is the only avenue left to control unauthorized workers stealing jobs from lawful American workers and legal residents, as nothing has been seriously done since the Simpson-Mazzoli bill inception in 1986. That is why the numbers of illegal aliens have been climbing ever since and too the majority of Americans, well past 20 million.

I was surprised that two Democrats have now co-sponsored the “Legal Workforce Act’, which is generating enormous support from the American people. It’s the taxpayer voters, who are contacting their Representatives in the House and Senate, determined not to be ushered to the side lines and demanding the E-Verify law. Thousands are calling 202-224-3121 to be directed to their federal and state political members and having a nationwide impact. Why not make your vote known by doing your civic duty in demonstrating that illegal aliens must go home. Can you even imagine what the hundred billion dollars plus that is going to subsidize illegal immigrants, can financial assist your states funds?

The US Border Patrol doesn’t have the manpower to halt drugs, illegal aliens crossing the border. The government refuses to build the real double fence as enacted in 2006. We need a military presence on the border to aid the Border agents as terrorists disguised as Southern border invaders are arriving here. This is also a National Security threat as murderers from the Middle East are out to kill us.

Don’t be fooled by the Democrats and Liberal Progressives that illegal alien do pay their fair share in taxes. Those who do are insignificant, and use the IRS ITIN number and receive $4.6 Billion dollars back in tax credits.

The Department of Justice director Liberal Eric Holder as implicated in the ‘Gun-walking’ scheme, known as ‘Fast and Furious’ and the death of Brian Terry, a US Border Patrol agent killed by the American government incompetence. The man is now the driving force to use his power against states that have enacted laws to stop non-citizens voting in our elections. Remember the fraudulent canvassing group ‘ACORN’ as they are back on the map, assuming another name and having been prosecuted in 11 states. In conclusion the Liberal Progressives who are evidently pushed ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ are at it again, trying to force us to retire the term ‘Illegal alien.’

This is not going over well with the TEA PARTY, that if you stole into America which is a violation of the law, and then you are a—ILLEGAL ALIEN. Not an undocumented worker. THAT’S WHY ILLEGAL ENTRY SHOULD BE RECOGNIZED AS A FELONY. YOU CAME HERE WITH THE DELIBERATE INTENTION OF STAYING, WITH A VISA OR NO VISA. I recommend all Americans who came here legally, need to associate themselves with the TEA PARTY. America is on the rails to very unstable future and the only hope for us is the TEA PARTY. Find out facts of the corruption and lies steering us in the wrong direction and read investigations at Judicial Watch, which will open your eyes to rot that is tangible in Congress.


I have written many letters to the editor and typed many statements that state how i feel about Joe Arpio...and in the end, I delete,or theow them away. Because Sheriff Joe DOES go after people who speak out against him. He DOES throw people in jail on false, or trumped up charges, and people DO DIE in his jail. People were outraged when Hitler did the SAME THING! on that note, i would like to sign off with a modified version of an old saying...

First he came for hispanics, but I did not speak up, because i was not Hispanic Next he came for his political opponents, but I did not speak up, because I wasn't his political opponent Then he came for anyone who stood up against him, but I didn't speak up, because I was too scared to stand up Then he came for me..... and there was no one left to stand up.

Celia Speer Mesa, AZ


wow! it is incredible someone could think of an idea that is more lame than the ones the politicians have come up with. What would you propose? real land mines? if that is so, then you know who you are gonna get? alot of javilina, or other animals OR some dumb-ass border guard. If the idea is just to scare people,and no land mines are to be set.....that is ever lamer! Good try, but think again......


Dude, seriously....go see about an RX for xanax, or some other nerve pill. Perhaps you need to see about some medical marijuana. This letter screams "I am headed for a coronary" Calm down.

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Another monologue about the left and the right. You'd save us all a lot of wasted time by not educating us on the differences between republicans and democrats or the left and right or liberals and conservatives. We don't need to know how blind you are to the reality that there is no difference between the democratic and republican party. They are two sides of the same coin. But go ahead, keep frothing at the mouth because you're brilliant beyond comprehension. The whole illegal immigration non story is a planned and integral part of globalization and the destruction of what used to be referred to as this "country".


And a windbag.

Now run along and make sure the the rest of the Mickey Mouse club nominates Newt. He'll arrest them dang activist, commie, pinko, liberal judges. You know, like the ones that keep whacking Jan's pee pee over 203 and re-districting.

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