Slice of Strife

Edward Scissorhands has all the makings of a cult classic: Tim Burton’s signature creepiness, Johnny Depp playing a mysterious gentleman, and screen legend Vincent Price taking on his final role as an unnamed inventor.

The 1990 fantasy flick is a cross between Beauty and the Beast and Pinocchio with a dash of Frankenstein. Price's inventor is one step away from making his creation, Edward, human, but he dies while presenting Edward's hands.

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Some time later, Peg, the friendly neighborhood Avon lady, lures Edward out of his reclusive gothic castle and introduces him to her cookie cutter, pastel-colored suburban dream/nightmare. Edward is briefly accepted as a haircutting and gardening visionary, but he, much like Frankenstein's monster, eventually feels society’s scorn.

Fri., Dec. 23, 11 p.m., 2011
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