"We've already had a lot of bands call about playing shows here two or three days a week. The kids from Avon Ladies and all those bands pretty much have an open invitation to play whenever they want and get a lot of people down here," he says. "We're going to be seeing a lot of those kids anyway. Jess from Pigeon Religion, who books a lot of shows, already told me there's some shows he wants to do with touring bands."

If only he can finish getting the place ready for all those visitors.

"Things are changing constantly in here; somebody was building bins two days ago. We wanted to rebuild a bunch of fancy bins and do a lot of shit like that, but it takes too much time," Pawlicki says. "I'll be bringing in different shit constantly. I have enough stuff to refill this place many times over. We'll be making this place fancier and sillier as time goes on. It will be altered constantly to get things the way I want, which will probably take until April or May."

A ghostly sight: Michael Pawlicki prices vinyl.
Benjamin Leatherman
A ghostly sight: Michael Pawlicki prices vinyl.

Location Info


The Ghost of Eastside Records

49 W. Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282

Category: Retail

Region: Tempe


The Ghost of Eastside Records, 49 West Southern Avenue in Tempe, is open now. Call 480-921-4208 for info.

That's around the same time that Pawlicki has announced that he will close The Ghost of Eastside Records and finally leave the Valley, primarily because he loathes the stifling summertime heat. Then again, there's a chance he might stick around for good.

"Possibly. I don't want to run my mouth too much. This is not, obviously, an ideal retail space. It's a weird room, but the weirdness could work for a little while. I wouldn't want to stay in a room that's hidden away like this for a really long time," Pawlicki says. "I don't think I can do another summer here, and I definitely wouldn't want to do a summer in this hotbox. I think it's time for me to, realistically, not live here in the summer on a permanent basis."

Until he finally makes up his mind, however, he's looking forward to reuniting with old friends and selling a shitload of records.

"Everyone's going to be back for Christmas. We're gonna have everyone down here for a bunch of beer and invite people down. Maybe get two or three bands to play," he says. "I've got more records than I know what to do with."

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