Cover the Crescent @ Crescent Ballroom

Dry River Yacht Club
Dry River Yacht Club

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Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85003

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Cover the Crescent is scheduled to take place Wednesday, December 28, at Crescent Ballroom.

Everyone loves The Beatles. Anyone who says they don't "get" The Beatles is simply saying it for the sake of playing devil's advocate. Yeah, it's annoying, but we tolerate those people because we're open-minded folk who appreciate an opposing point of view. Even if it's wrong. On Friday, November 4, locals Future Loves Past, Japhy's Descent, 88 MPH, The Van Jacks, and more gathered at The Rogue Bar to cover the hits of the lads from Liverpool for a packed crowd. But apparently that left a few other locals feeling left out. So, to remedy their heartbreak, they decided to do the same thing, but bigger and (potentially) better. At the very least, Cover the Crescent will be more expansive. Gypsy rockers Dry River Yacht Club will cover The Beatles, but the cover repertoire will broaden as Painted Faces cover Elton John, Born Loser and the Hangers On rock The Pixies, and Colorstore (interestingly enough) covers Tom Waits. Coming from acts that don't usually take the cover-band route, Cover the Crescent will feature the unique twists that each band has to offer on classic songs you can insist you don't "get" to maintain your contrarian, indie cool. Don't worry, we aren't angry.

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I echo the previous comment. I was happily at the rogue show and I was bummed to miss the crescent show. The fact is that this blog is cizmarian in its push to start a fight. The only fight it could start is one between local musicians and the New Times. Miss Caldwell we are all dumber for reading this I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul. -


It's LAZY bullshit like this that pits local bands and venues against each other for no reason.

1. If Ms. Caldwell had done one Google's worth of homework, she would have known that "and more" was local band Sun Ghost, who kicked some major ass at the Beatles show.

2. No local bands felt "left out". The Crescent event is separate from the Rogue's event, and isn't a retaliation to said show.

3. To call the show at Crescent "better" is disrespectful to the bands that participated in the event at The Rogue, and makes it sound like the bands at Crescent are in competition; it's music and it's art: there are no winners. Don't try to make your "piece" (pun intended) more interesting by inventing a non-existent tension in the local scene.

4. To center your post around The Rogue Bar's show is to take away from the awesome acts involved in the show at Crescent. BLATHO doing Pixies? Awesome! Dry River as Sgt. Peppers? Inspired! Painted Faces covering Elton John and Colorstore covering Tom Waits? These are awesome, creative, fabulous choices.

THAT was your story (Number 4, in case you missed it.) The part about this being a contrast to The Rogue's show? Again. Lazy. Don't soil the good name of The New Times with this drivel. It stirs up shit that wasn't there until you sat down.

Signed, A local fan who was at Rogue and will also be at Crescent

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