Since it's represented on sound recording with just an EP, the full Snow Songs experience has best been represented by its intimate and immediate live shows.

"Ultimately, the memory and shared experience of the live shows and the fixed moment in time of the recording process is all any group has to live on," says Hadik. "And we do that by both sounding like our record and re-imagining that sound for the audience."

"I like to listen to a new record alone at first and then experience it in the live setting. There's nothing better than falling in love with a record and then going to the show. It's pure magic," says Bejarano. "We're working on making our live show a sight to behold. I want it to be a bit theatrical and dark, kind of like David Bowie in the '70s."

Snow Songs: Icy name, warm sounds.
Dana Armstrong
Snow Songs: Icy name, warm sounds.

Location Info


Lost Leaf

914 N. 5th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Central Phoenix


Snow Songs are scheduled to perform Saturday, January 14, at the Lost Leaf.

Since Snow Songs is her only project, the pressure is on Bejarano to do all the administrative work leading to fame and fortune. "It's a lot of work, but I have an iPad now, so 2012 is gonna be a lot different. Just make our fliers, hit send, and — boom — we have fliers. GarageBand on iPad is so amazing. I thought the iPad was stupid until I had one. It's insane. Gorgeous!"

As for the fame bit, Bejarano's had a taste of it already — and we're not talking being interviewed by NPR about the Artists for Action participation, either.

"I was in Mexico City with Kimber Lanning and everyone thought she was Jennifer Aniston. We got into all the cool places."

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Mary McClure
Mary McClure

I love Snow Songs' music and hope they'll come play live in Northern California!


SNOW SONGS is a bit mellower than my usual taste but they are great live. check this stuff out!


I'm not sure if its the band or the writing but reading this makes very happy!

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