Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, January 19th, 2011


Those who've overcome: In the immediate aftermath of the attack [in Tucson by Jared Lee Loughner], 50 percent of Americans saw it as the result of failure in the mental-[healthcare] system, not simply mental illness.

[In its "Shadow Dwellers" series published last year], New Times noted that six months before the tragedy, 3,000 seriously mentally ill people in Tucson's Pima County alone "lost almost all their services, including access to non-generic medication and caseworker supervision." Thousands classified as "generally mentally ill" also lost funding.

The series included stories about a doctor and a boxing historian who have overcome the worst of mental illness, as well as [about] a man who is homeless but retains a sense of community. The reporters responsible for the series are Paul Rubin and Amy Silverman. Kudos to them!
Bob Carolla, National Alliance on Mental Illness


AZ voters can spot a chameleon: Kyrsten Sinema suffers from the same disease that afflicts most politicians — the need to get elected at all costs. She has had to [adjust her] liberal notions so that she can possibly rise up in politics around here — and what that takes is a sharp turn to the right ("Sinema Dilemma," Stephen Lemons, January 12).

Thus, her "love" of Russell Pearce, back when he had power, before activists Randy Parraz and Chad Snow — not to mention your own Mr. Lemons — opened up a can of whup-ass on him ("Head Hunter," November 17). She had to appear to [get along with] her enemy so that she might pick up a few moderate-to-conservative votes. Hell, even moderates had issues with her socialist tendencies!

As Lemons points out, her taking leave of her values will get her nowhere in the congressional district she wants to represent. This still is Arizona, and voters will spot a chameleon from 40 miles away.
Jack Tomlinson, Tempe

Her political career is over: The day Ms. Sinema resigned [her state Senate post], she lost her future in Arizona politics.

She won't have an ice cube's chance in Hell of beating [Democratic Party chair] Andrei Cherny in a primary. People are not going to forget that she "loves" Russell.
Tommy Collins, Phoenix

Cut Sinema some slack: [Sinema's] comments re: Pearce came at a time when most of us thought the recall effort didn't stand a chance. We were proved wrong, and that's a good thing. Give her a break.
Mike Walsh, Chandler

"True Democrats" not welcome in Arizona: You talk about the concept of "true Democrats," but that's a hard row to hoe in Arizona. If you stick to "lefty" principles, you wind up stuck in the state Senate [in the Phoenix area].

You either have to move to Tucson and get established there. Or you could somehow unearth do-nothing, old Ed Pastor. What a waste of [a congressman] that guy is; when do you ever hear of anything meaningful that political ostrich pushes? That would be never!
Macy Dodson, Phoenix

Oh, Anthony: Well, Kyrsten certainly will be the hottest candidate in the race for Congressional District 9! Her reputed [bisexuality] is a definite turn-on, politically and otherwise.
Anthony Perez, Phoenix

Got a thing for Babeu, huh, Art?: Yep, heterosexual males and lesbians have Sinema, and gay men have tight-pants [Pinal County Sheriff Paul] Babeu in upcoming congressional races around here. Ain't politics wonderful?!
Art Godfried, city unavailable

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Since, I'm relatively new to the site's opinions, I'll refrain from commenting on anything that's Germain, to the above discussions. Besides, what does, Heterosexual, Lesbianism or even homosexuality have to do with procuring an elected office anyway? Have Politicians, discovered away to incorporate these festivities into "VOTES"? Better yet, has one's choice of recreation been responsible for persuading Votes, from fellow Candidates? It appears to me that some sort of adjustment is necessary for elected Officials since, Voters, prefer that something special in their Candidates. Hopefully, everybody makes the adjustment to cooperate and get this Country, back on line before it self destructs. The Cancer now effecting our way of life is terminal, there's no cure for America, without a fresh start. Only knowledgeable, experienced Politicians, who care for the Constitution, Laws and our way of life, can save the USA.
I must apologize, couldn't refrain from making a comment especially since, my Country, the Country, I fought and bled for is becoming unrecognizable. With it's suffering Economy, continuing lack of unemployment and a President, who profusely blames it all on the previous Administration, as he jets around the World Apologizing for America's, existence. He's a Muslim, Slowly transforming America into a Socialistic Society, by using his Regiment of Czars and those he followed over the years. His only real accomplishments in 3 years, have been to destroy our Healthcare System and the Economy while, managing to raise Unemployment figures substantially. These Atrocities have changed America, into what is fast becoming, a Welfare State. No wonder we continue to receive Illegals, by the thousands on a daily basis. Their coming for the Freebies. Who's protecting our Borders? Not the President, he won't even let the States, protect their own Borders.
This leaves us open to the "Influence" of Illegal Immigrants, making demands for new laws that benefit only them. They Burden our Welfare System, Hospitals, Housing because, of previously passed laws giving them rights, the same as Americans, better then Americans. Anyway, Voters, take notice stop being a Bleeding Heart, Bible Thumping, Liberal and indoctrinate some of your own laws to put a stop to this abuse.
The American Tax Payer, needs to realize where exactly all those Billions & Billions & Billions & Billions & Billions, etc, of Tax Dollars are going. Lets Help & Save America, "FIRST"
Vote Responsibly, vote for a real "CHANGE".


When you "fought and bled" was most of the blood coming from your brain?
I plan on voting for change. A change from hate mongers like you infecting society with your brazen ignorance.


Yea shadie,
The brain. Individuals with your propensity to "not recognize" when someone is cramming that 4' 2x4 up your ass, has to be a Liberal, commenting against a Statement of proven factual content. Simply by not understanding the simple context, surpasses even the most rudimentary stupidity, to which you subscribe. It's idiots like you that are responsible for the Country, turning Socialist. Take the blinders off, think for yourself (if that's even possible) you've been brained washed and continue to support a destructive Administration. No doubt, you're Patriotism, is in question, you never fought for this Country and are probably a coward since, you resent those who have. The only bleeding you've done was from those trying to knock sense into that empty head. You're an "Occupier" awaiting the "Hand Outs". You've led an Entitled, life (probably on Welfare) and will continue to Freeload off society. You have my sympathy shadie but, your kind never persevere.
This Country, was built on Hard Work and those willing to achieve regardless the sacrifices and suffering involved. Arnold's, remark fits you perfectly - Your, a real "Sissy Man".
Keep dodging the Bullies,

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