Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, January 26th, 2012


A culture of corruption: This is a great article with plenty of historical perspective on the culture of corruption that is Joe Arpaio's Maricopa County ("Coddling Joe," Michael Lacey, January 12).
Dennis Gilman, Scottsdale

Time for a new hero, Stefan: Hey, you are way off base [with this article]. Sheriff Joe is keeping those scummy criminals off our streets and out of our neighborhoods. And they deserve all that they get. Sheriff Joe is my hero!
Stefan Bazdorf, Phoenix

What's taking so long?: As usual, New Times is right on top of the complete story. Hopefully, the federal government is reading this article and can realize how many of us know the abuses of the sheriff and his goons.

It's time for the federal government to indict! When is the criminal investigation going to be finished? My God, I know you [feds] want to be thorough, but every day you wait, another Marty Atencio is killed [or has his or her] health and life put in danger from these abuses that continue ("Psalm for Marty," Stephen Lemons, January 5).
Anthony Wesley, Glendale

If it were only that simple, Linda: If the illegals became legal and learned the [English] language, maybe no one would have a problem with them.
Linda Cayhill, Phoenix

Close to $45 million: This argument that Joe Arpaio is saving millions of taxpayer dollars housing "criminals" in Tent City like animals is just plain bat-shit crazy.

How many millions is [Maricopa County] shelling out to the vast array of lawsuits and settlements he and the MCSO incur from deaths and human-rights abuses of victims in their care? (See "Inhumanity Has a Price, December 20, 2007, and note that the $41 million figure has grown since then.)

In the two years I've lived here in Phoenix, Sheriff Joe has been under multiple investigations.

My biggest question has to be, what the fuck does Joe Arpaio have on these motherfuckers (state and federal) that nothing ever sticks to Mr. Teflon?!
Mike Hunt, Phoenix

Something like that: The problem in Arizona is, justice is not only blind — it's deaf and dumb.
Jim Cozzolino, Peoria

For Joe, crime does pay: [Joe Arpaio proves that] crime doesn't pay on a small scale; it pays on a big one. And when the crime becomes big enough, it begins to govern.
Michael Powers, Sierra Vista

Spineless president: If I didn't know better, I would think the writer was commenting on an ongoing issue in a Third World country, not in the United States.

You would think that, with members of a minority group sitting as president and U.S. attorney general, this situation would not be tolerated and immediate action would be taken. But our president and attorney general have no spines and are actually afraid of a two-bit sheriff and his band of miscreants.

If the population cannot depend on the federal government to enforce the law, we are in a state of anarchy, and it's every man for himself. No one wants that. What are law-abiding citizens to do?
Edward Parry, city unavailable

Above the law? Seems that way: Anytime someone else [does] this kind of shit, they are locked up. Why is it that a cop gets away with not following the law? Let's see, when you're protected in Washington, anything's possible.
Milton Frey, city unavailable

Dude, can you read?: The Justice Department has never — and I mean never — provided any evidence, only hearsay, on what Sheriff Joe has done or not done!
Jean Pierre DuRoche, city unavailable

Dare to dream: The facts can be very confusing for Joe's supporters. But don't worry, reality will set in once you see the FBI giving Joe a perp-walk out of his office.

I'm sure you'll be dazed for a while, but there will be plenty of time for you to figure out what your messiah and his pocket puppies actually did.

His two chief leg-humpers [former Chief Deputy David Hendershott and ex-Deputy Chief Larry Black] are gone and [being federally investigated], but you folks think Arpaio is squeaky clean, right? [In addition, former County Attorney Andrew] Thomas and [ex-Deputy County Attorney Lisa] Aubuchon are gone, facing disbarment.

Hmm, it's sure a good thing that Arpaio was oblivious to that whole thing, right?
Name withheld

He most certainly is: Thank you so very much for writing this article. [Arpaio] is an embarrassment to our state.
Name withheld

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For lack of not knowing where to post this, I would like for you to interview a World War 2 hero who is the namesake of the fast growing Freddies Steakburger and Custard restraunt. I knew Fred Simon for over 6 years before I knew he was in the war and never talked about it. I am proud to call hm a friend over the past 38 years. He enlisted right out of high school and was one of only 6 in his Battallion to come home alive. He is almost 90 years old and a picture of health. He lives in Wichita Kansas and is a remarkable man. Thanks, Matt Eck

Jesus Cristo de Nogales
Jesus Cristo de Nogales

Join Gustavo Arellano and Steve Gallardo in denouncing their stay in the US. Come with us, my brown skinned occupiers of "El Norte" and return to Mexico and take over the country from the pale skin descendants of the colonial masters. Let the brown people take over their contry of Mexico. Are you with us my fellow occupiers??

From Joe to Joe
From Joe to Joe

Yes,Arpaio is an embarrassment to our state. This man had no problem going after a man who threatened him and his family. He immedialtely went out of state to arrest the man. But what about the 400 plus crimes against children. Why didn't he investigate those as prudently. Joe must go.


to Gov Brewer from Baltimore: I get a bad impression about Arizona and yr actions viz a viz President Obama- the violence surrounding Cong. Giffords due to Republican opponents and lax gun control- Sheriff Arpaio and and then you are pointing a finger at Obama- seems racist to me.

Jesus Cristo de Guadalajara
Jesus Cristo de Guadalajara

All of us brown skin Mexicans presently occupying "El Norte", need to return to Mexico and take over the country from the pale skin descendants of the colonial masters. Kick out all the white skin occupiers of Mexico, our tue homeleand, with the help of Gustavo Arellano who will renounce his stay in "El Norte". He will be our new presidente in Mexico. Will you join us and Gustavo Arellano?

half and half
half and half

The governor was pointing at the white half of the multiracial president. Not the Kenyan half. Get real dude.

Big Red 1
Big Red 1

You don"t occupy shit, go home! I'm a Mexican/American Viet Nam vet! This is my country asshole, if there was a war between the U S and Mexico i would fight your country, i don"t owe Mexico a damn thing, you come here and fly your flag, but try to fly the American flag in Mexico and you get arrested!! Take your drugs home with you, because you are not one of the poor people who do come looking for a better future in this country, People from Mexico who come here legal or illegal i don't have a problem with, because most of the people who do come here are very decent, it's the criminal elements that has caused all the problems about the immigration problem! Good people of Mexico i side with you on a lot of issue, but one i don't side with is the cabrones who bring their drugas aqui !!

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