Ask a Mexican on Marco Rubio and The 'Real Mexico'

This question was inspired by the recent video you did on the Republicanos and the Latina/o vote. What's your opinion of Cuban-American and Tea Party cariñito Marco Rubio? All this talk about him being the "Hispanic" savior of the Republican Party by being the vice-presidential nominee is getting to me. Are Latina/o voters that ignorant to vote for someone as hypocritical on serious issues that conscious gente care about, like, say, small businesses, poverty, education, health care . . . híjole, I think I'm forgetting one here . . . Oh, yeah: IMMIGRATION! This guy is just a vendido who has dollar signs lighting up his cara de tonto. Should progressive Latina/os be concerned about this pretty boy? Estoy preocupado, and I can't enjoy my café con pan tostado in the morning with this guy getting closer to the White House.
Bothered in Boyle Heights

Are you kidding me? Conscious Xicanos like you and I should be thrilled at the prospect of Rubio running as the VP on the GOP presidential ticket! Such a move will prove once and por siempre that the Republicans only care about Latino as tokens. How else can you explain the rapid ascendancy of Rubio, a no-name Florida state representative until Tea Partiers embraced him in 2010 during his U.S. Senate run so no one could accuse them of being anti-Latino? He's yet to do anything of any substance in Washington other than read talking points about liberty this and chinga Obama that; if a Reep presidential candidate chose Rubio, it'd obviously only be to not only shield themselves from anti-Latino accusations (Look: We have a brownie!), but also to use the anti-amnesty, anti-DREAM Act coño hypocrite to act as their attack dog against charges of racism (our policies aren't racist because our brownie says so!). Rubio reminds me of PRI presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto: Both are pretty boys with caca-eating grins and intellects the size of a black bean who are embarrassments to their proud people but darlings of the 1 percent. Mexi voters will see through the GOP's pendejo and vote for the only presidential candidate that truly has our interests in mind: Alfred E. Neuman.

I traveled to Juárez to see the real Mexico, and, boy, was I disappointed. Not a single man in white pajamas with his donkey leaning against a cactus. No women with baskets of fruit on their heads. To show how I loved their culture, I mentioned Speedy Gonzales and the Frito Bandito, but people looked at me funny. No one accosted me on the street with "Hey, Meestair, for 10 bucks you can fuck my mother; she's a virgin." Where do I go for a taste of the real Mexico?
Donkey Show Devotee

Try the minds of Hollywood executives.

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Jesus Cristo de Tijuana
Jesus Cristo de Tijuana

Ask a Mexican when he / she plans to return to Mexico to legally apply for a work visa to legally enter the US?
Where in Mexico is Nicky Diaz Santillan? She was deported right?
When will Obwama end the illegal Mexican occupation of the United States of America?


When will end the legal or illegal white trash occupation of the USA?
Go back to Europe.


Who is the real invader here? Take the Mayflower and go back to Europe fucking racists,neonazis, drug-addicts and HIV transmitters.


All those with European blood should go back to Spain, England or wherever their ancestors are from, and the new world should be left for full-blooded native Americans only. All the money here should be left for the natives as payment for the atrocities committed by European invaders. Only then will justice have prevailed.

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