His wee paintings on the west wall are meditative and lovely, even though one wonders whether they're lovely meditations of something gross or deadly on a glass slide magnified by a microscope. The paintings are all biologic, corpuscles and bones and strange plants. Stare at them like Rorschach images and watch the tiniest details — hairs, lines, follicles, unfurling leaves of a fern, dots, dots within dots, the teeniest pin prick of color — appear.

The Effect of Piezo Electric Activity by Zac Zetterberg
Courtesy of Xavier College Prep
The Effect of Piezo Electric Activity by Zac Zetterberg

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Xavier College Preparatory High School

4710 N. 5th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Category: Schools

Region: Central Phoenix


"Science/Sense" will be on display through March 31 at Xavier College Preparatory's STARKgallery, North Seventh Street at Highland Avenue. starkgallery.xcp.org or call 602-277-3772.

If you're not one of the 1,160 female polymaths who attend Xavier College Prep, you might never stumble into this hidden space, which is a shame. It just might be a stop in the ongoing human quest to comprehend anything at all.

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