Well, maybe not the biggest joke. You know who that is . . .: [Babeu] only came out because New Times caught him with his pants down. And I mean that literally.

Everybody is laughing their asses off at studboi. He's become the biggest joke in Arizona! A fake-macho badass.
Ernie Johnson, city unavailable

An unscalable mountain, probably: The most interesting things that happened in [Babeu's] press conference [after the story broke in New Times]:

He admitted he's gay and has been living a lie. That he favors gay marriage. That he favors gays in the military; in fact, he was gay and in the military. That all the pictures and text messages in New Times were accurate (including the ones where he himself threatens his former lover). He lies about how he and [his lawyer] Chris DeRose threatened Jose. Jose's lawyer and Jose prove it with the letters and text messages.

Babeu said he has a "mountain" to climb to get elected to Congress. Ya think, Papi?!
John Hallman, city unavailable

It sure does: Really makes you wonder just how many other right-wing types remain closeted in such positions of power.
Tom Weaver, city unavailable

True dat: His career is toast. Not saying that's a good thing; it's just real life in Arizona.
Seedy Ward, city unavailable

Again, not a sexuality issue: I find the sex of his lover unimportant, frankly. This story would be just as noteworthy were it a female ex-lover who was an illegal immigrant.
"Tom Seaver," city unavailable

Miss the point much, Johnnie?: New Times should be ashamed for publishing anyone's dating profile/personal information. He has a right to date on the Internet, just as anyone else does.
Johnnie Roberts, city unavailable

Stranger than fiction, as they say: This is not about a gay sheriff. This is about a hypocrite, a closeted gay sheriff, an illegal immigration activist sheriff with a Mexican boyfriend! You can't make this stuff up!
Charlie Oscar, city unavailable

Oh, probably not: Wonder whether [Fox News'] Sean Hannity will invite Babeu to speak ever again?
"Tyler Durden", city unavailable

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