Coming during such a cooch-sensitive time as FoxVag Fest 3 does in 2012, with the GOP's blatant attempt to silence women and their reproductive rights, people might think that the Fest has a manifesto for political action and discourse, but it turns out the timing is serendipitous more than anything else.

"Naturally, I didn't plan it that way, but I'm glad we're doing it while all this is going on. My friend actually messaged me the other night asking if I'd be interested in politicizing the rock 'n' roll. I think it's very important for woman to speak out against what is happening right now. I just think it's unbelievable that I have to fight for the right to know what's going on with my own body. It feels like we're going back in time. A lot of the ladies I know feel very strongly about this and will be handing out fliers at the show talking to people about the Arizona 'Unite Against the War on Women' rally on April 28. It will be a good venue to get the word out and spread awareness. "

So there you have it, an apolitical music festival, started not because of any gender bias but rather a sense of female camaraderie, becomes political on its third go-round. The Fox prefix is there to soften the edges a bit.

Jackie Cruz (left) and The Pods at FoxVag 2011.
Courtesy of Jackie Cruz
Jackie Cruz (left) and The Pods at FoxVag 2011.

Location Info


Yucca Tap Room

29 W. Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Tempe

Palo Verde Lounge

1015 W. Broadway Road
Tempe, AZ 85282

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Tempe


FoxVag Fest III is scheduled for Thursday through Saturday, March 22 to 24, at Palo Verde Lounge and Yucca Tap Room in Tempe.

"Yeah, I came up with it, but there was a little drama involved. Without going into too much detail . . . It was originally Foxfest but I thought that focused too much on appearance. I suggested changing it to Vagfest, but there was a little opposition to that, so we compromised and settled on FoxVag. It's taken a little time, but the name has grown on me."

Does Cruz ever run into any opposition printing those fliers? Despite their name, Kinko's can be prudish!

She laughs and shakes her head. "But the dude that helped me did seem a little weirded out by one of the flier designs. I don't know if you've seen it, but it's the cover art of the album Penis Envy by Crass, so, yeah, I got a few weird looks."

Maybe this'll inspire dudes to have their own brotherhood of the traveling pants festival. Let's call it . . . Dickfest!

"As far as the Dickfest goes," she shrugs, "I'll leave that one to the guys." 

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"Maybe this'll inspire dudes to have their own brotherhood of the traveling pants festival. Let's call it . . . Dickfest!"

Because the punk scene isn't a dick-fest already? The purpose of having a female-fronted fest is because to give women their own space when we are constantly excluded in our community. Whether the author of this article is attempting to be playful or not, the mere suggestion of this is annoying and ignorant. You don't get to ask "well what about us?!" when everything is already centered around you. Although I'm not surprised after hearing that the person that held this interview actually asked Ms. Cruz why we "need an all-girl fest" when there aren't "all-guy fests". Ugh, Chase Kamp would have done a much better job with this interview.


Thursday, March 22nd @ Palo Verde:

Inky Unit
Strip Tantrum
French Girls
The Rebel Set
DJ Kate Scratch Fever

Friday, March 23rd @ Yucca Tap Room:

Mangled Men
Lust Cats of the Gutters (Denver, CO)
Night of Joy (Denver, CO)
Dj's Anna Nxsty & Jazzmaster Jax

Saturday, March 24th @ Yucca Tap Room:

Make My Baby
Sara Century (Denver Co)
Man Hands
Acorn Bcorn (Tucson, Az)
Becky Lee & Drunkfoot
Scorpion Vs Tarantula
Dj Meglow

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