"We had a lot of fun with the line dancing," Caplan says. "None of the cast was particularly well versed in it before showing up, and I certainly was nervous about having to do all that dancing. But by the time we shot those scenes, all of us were super into it."

It's a choreographed finale, not unlike the sort of thing you see in Rocky Horror Picture Show. But for all the comparisons that can be made to Queens of Country, the film has a distinct charm, a home-grown, bizarre vibe that feels uniquely Arizonan.

The Buffalo Chip is the same way: Plenty of faux-Western bars feature mechanical bull-riding, but every Wednesday and Friday nights, the Chip features actual bull-riding, with hulking, 2,000-pound behemoths trotted out and accessible to amateurs willing to sign a waiver.

Ron Livingston and Lizzy Caplan star in Queens of Country, filmed on location in Arizona.
Ron Livingston and Lizzy Caplan star in Queens of Country, filmed on location in Arizona.

Location Info


Harkins Scottsdale 101

7000 E. Mayo Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85054

Category: Movie Theaters

Region: North Phoenix

Buffalo Chip Saloon

6811 E. Cave Creek Road
Cave Creek, AZ 85331

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Cave Creek


Queens of Country is scheduled to premiere Saturday, March 31, at the Phoenix Film Festival, with additional screenings on Tuesday, April 3, and Wednesday, April 4. Visit www.phoenixfilmfestival.com for more information.

"We almost called the bar in the film 'American Made,' but we kept it [as] the Buffalo Chip because it just fit," Page says. "[The bull riding there] endlessly entertained our cast. People get hurt! The bulls aren't on the rodeo circuit now, but they were five or 10 years ago. Rodeo bulls that have been put out to pasture go to the Buffalo Chip."

If Queens of Country achieves the same kind of success as Blood Into Wine, it could propel Page and Pomerenke forward, but they seem to have no plans of settling into mainstream fare: Even as Queens of Country screens at film festivals across the nation, the duo already are hard at work on their next film, Sex and Rockets, based on the life of occultist and rocket scientist Jack Parsons, a story that Page says "was kept out of the mainstream press" for the past 60 years.

"Christopher and I aren't really interested in making big-budget, romantic comedies," Page says. "We're driven to make these kinds of films."

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