High School Fidelity

In the canon of teenage girl flicks, we’d say there are two seminal cinematic experiences. There’s Tina Fey’s Mean Girls. And there’s its predecessor: Amy Heckerling’s Clueless. Copies of both sit on our movie shelves. And both have spun around in our DVD players and laptops more than any other titles. (Sorry, boyfriends.)

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Biltmore Fashion Park

24th St. & Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Category: Retail

Region: East Phoenix

When neon pink blush comes to shove -- and we have to choose between Alicia Silverstone and Lindsay Lohan as leading ladies -- we’re more likely to take the Jane Austen adaptation for another spin. When the movie screens at Biltmore Fashion Park, we won’t even have to hit play.

Fri., April 6, 7:30 p.m., 2012
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