Rammstein @ Jobing.com Arena


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Gila River Arena

9400 W. Maryland Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85305

Category: Music Venues

Region: Glendale


Rammstein is scheduled to perform Saturday, May 18, at Jobing.com Arena in Glendale.

German metal band Rammstein is just as much about visuals as it is about punishing balls-to-the-wall metal, rhythmic tumult, and synthetic keyboards. The band's albums are intense, but nothing comes close to their staggeringly powerful live performances, spectacles on par with a Hollywood action flick. Although Rammstein has a worldwide fan base, they are most known in the United States for the song "Du Hast," which many mistakenly think translates to "I Hate." Nope — the song is actually a play on German marriage vows, translating to "I have." The band's Germanic wordplay, which often incorporates literature, military history, and jokes on the fringe of bad taste, might wind up a little lost on English-speaking crowds, but the violent action of the show, all machete microphones, blood-spattered musicians, elaborate stage setup (reportedly carted around by more than 30 trucks), wacky costumes (stemming from founder/guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe's fondness for Kiss), and lots of pyrotechnics will certainly translate. We're talking rumors of flame-shooting masks and fireworks fired from human bodies. The band is keeping quiet about what songs from their six studio albums made the set list, and it's hard to say whether lyricist/vocalist Till Lindemann, also a licensed pyrotechnician, will address the crowd in English, anyway. But Rammstein is certainly one band that proves that metal is an international tongue — regardless what language it's in.

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Lets buy floor tickets to the Rammstein show and stand there with a stupid phone held over our heads the whole time, good idea, yea. NO, assholes, that sucked lazy worthless concert goers, people just don't know how to have fun anymore. I had fun regardless of the crowd. Rammstein = Best showmans ever. Wish i could go to Germany for the real experience. Piss off az people.

Ty Hunt
Ty Hunt

Do you guys treally even know what you are writing about? Rammstein had problems w the fire code tonight n the show sucked. It was awkward n they tried to cover it up by distraction. After seeing them full on in Vegas last year makes it obvious they are spent for now. And that sucks cause my fav band....truth is they need to go to that beach they make fun of. Tonight sucked in AZ. Less than a half show

Ty Hunt
Ty Hunt

Btw, the ass producer roducer who wrote this last crap was aweful....don't you know that
Yes, I know it is bad but why are u complaining to me when I...am ....u...

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