Then, Bennett admitted that he hadn't seen Chiyome Fukino's aforementioned statements until Monday. He also insisted that he was not trying to "prove" his conservative credentials to anyone.

(Note: As this column went to press, Bennett kinda-sorta ate crow, telling KTAR radio hosts Mac and Gaydos, "If I embarrassed the state, I apologize.")

The simple fact that Bennett felt the need to placate goofball requests from his "constituents," when he should've just ignored them or sent them on their way with copies of Fukino's press releases, shows how deeply insane both the state GOP and Sand Land's political discourse is right now.

Bennett's big mistake was humoring these moon-howlers to begin with. 'Cause if you give the conspiracy-minded crackpots of either the left or the right the time of day, you might as well be Br'er Rabbit playing with the Tar Baby. You'll never get loose.

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Conservative American
Conservative American

Bennett has reason to believe birth certificates can be faked - his son's says he was born human, and anyone who has followed the son's "antics" shoving sticks up the rectums of young boys knows that isn't true. Just ask his victims!

The reason the birthers "have power" is because the AZGOP lets them. The blue-haired hate brigade aren't going to vote for anyone other than a (R), so the need to pander them is false. The AZGOP chooses to pander because they want to. Shane Wikfors, the AZGOP communication director, lacks the imagination to come up with sincere messaging, so he simply adopts whatever he hears as he slithers thought he political gutters in which he resides.

Want slime - join the AZGOP.

Want conservatives - join the movement to throw out the right-wing radicals, and it starts with S.F.B Shane.

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