It must kill this self-loving pervert to be shunned by his beloved [national] Fox News. That the right-wing pundits on Fox have dropped him speaks volumes. He's a pariah to them and to the Republican Party now.

Once he's kicked out as Pinal sheriff, he'll have to reinvent himself in still another state.
Pete Hensel, Phoenix

Yes: Is it in their genes that every Republican lies?
Roger Thiessen, Buckeye

No longer "one of us": Remember when [Babeu] said to John McCain in that border-fence political ad, "Senator, you're one of us"? Not anymore!
Eric Nelson, city unavailable

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the gay times is only pro gay if the gay in question is pretty in pink. no one seems to remember steve may, or that flake's and salmon's kids life style has done nothing to hurt their fathers political standing in the gop. pinal county will go with the republican whatever. mexican republican, gay republican, female republican, any republican. he could run from a prison cell and beat a democrat. without a gop challenger, he's sheriff again, no question. like a jail bird almost tied obama in some southern democrat primary, some things are a given. as far as babeu, he has probably lied less than wilcox, and never called on anyone to boycott his own state like certain democrat congressmen. i'd vote for him if i lived in his county, and am definitely voting for sheriff joe.

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