The biggest head-scratcher at Los Jarritos may not be what to eat but when. Breakfast, as well as lunch, starts around 11 a.m. and usually ends at 4 p.m., unless it's slow. Then Moreno and her mom close up early. And if you'd like dinner or a Saturday meal, then it's strictly "by appointment."

Highly recommended, a "by appointment" dining experience at Los Jarritos is like an intimate, all-about-you fest where someone else washes the dishes. Moreno tells me she does one or two a week (a doctor in Scottsdale is a regular) and if time and ingredients allow, mamacita can make just about anything requested. But preparations must be made in advance. The highly organized Moreno requires name, phone number, and guest count, and also asks you to call in your order several hours before your visit (when I was 20 minutes late with mine, my phone rang).

On my nighttime appointment, Moreno unlocked the door and my guests and I (the only visitors that evening) were "shown" to a center table where Los Jarritos' standard paper plate of homemade chips and a bowl of salsa awaited. Not long after Moreno served our drinks and set our silverware from a white towel-lined tray with its contents meticulously arranged like a surgeon's instruments (like I said, she's highly organized), the food we'd requested, including my special-order chilaquiles, began to arrive. True to the food of Los Jarritos, a plate-load of tasty fried tortilla pieces met with a coating of hot melted cheddar cheese with bits of green onion and tomatoes.

Los Jarritos' menu includes all the usual suspects, with each dish using the restaurant's quirky combination of ingredients and cooking styles.
Jackie Mercandetti
Los Jarritos' menu includes all the usual suspects, with each dish using the restaurant's quirky combination of ingredients and cooking styles.

Location Info


Los Jarritos Restaurant

4630 E. Van Buren St.
Phoenix, AZ 85008-6922

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: East Phoenix


Los Jarritos
4630 East Van Buren Street
Hours: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday; evenings and Saturday by appointment only

Chile relleno: $7.99
Green chile beef burro (enchilada-style): $6.75
Machaca plate: $9.95
Cheese crisp with green chile strips: $7.25

They were the best chilaquiles nachos I've ever had — and the only ones.

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Really? Where are you from? You need a reservation for chilaquiles? I suppose you never had migas. Not knocking the restaurant. Home made tortillas? If you are going to shill, at least know what you are talking about.

David Bickford
David Bickford

Thank you for reminding me of a great little place that I haven't visited for a while. The potato burro here is a simple pleasure that I always enjoy.


I've eaten at this place many times. The red chile burro is layered with multiple flavors that come around in your mouth as you chew a bite. Some of the best I've ever had. I always get the Christmas tamales from there too. And, the place is so clean you actually could eat off the floor. I think they used to give guitar lessons also.