Some incorrectly believe that Red Hook Summer is a continuation of Do the Right Thing, but could you discuss the kinship between the films? Here's the problem. It got leaked out that Mookie was in it, so people automatically thought that this was the sequel. Red Hook Summer is another chapter in my ongoing chronicles of the republic of Brooklyn: She's Gotta Have ItDo the Right ThingMo' Better BluesHe Got Game, half of Jungle Fever in Bensonhurst. The two cops who put Radio Raheem in the Michael Stewart chokehold appear in Jungle Fever, and nearly arrest Wesley [Snipes] and Annabella [Sciorra]. They also reappear in Clockers! In Inside Man, when the pizza's delivered to the hostages, the box clearly says, "Sal's Famous Pizzeria."

 I caught that one. But you know what people missed? The same guy that delivered the pizza to the hostages in Dog Day Afternoon delivered the pizza in Inside Man.

 Speaking of other people's movies, what are you going to watch this summer? I like Christopher Nolan. He's a very interesting filmmaker. So I'll pay my money to see Batman with the rest of humanity.

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