The food at Beaver Choice (1742 E. Broadway Road, Tempe, 480-921-3137, might be wholly unfamiliar, but leave your reservations (and your Swedish Chef impressions) at the door and let yourself be transported to chilly Scandinavia. With specialties like chicken schnitzel cordon bleu, which is stuffed with French Brie and Black Forest ham and served with mushroom sauce, and laxpudding, one of Sweden's oldest dishes composed of sliced potatoes, cream, dill, egg, and house-cured salmon, you definitely won't feel like you're in Arizona anymore. For something really out of this world, try Flygande Jakob (Flying Jacob), chicken baked with bananas, peanuts, sour cream, and chili sauce and seasoned with curry — a unique taste worth the 45-minute wait. Don't leave without trying dessert. If you're stuffed full of salmon, opt for a crispy Swedish cookie with a surprising cream filling. If you're planning on a post-meal nap filled with dreams of Stockholm, go all-out with the Beaver Supreme, a rich dessert with chocolate, walnut meringue, whipped cream, and orange.

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