Premium Rush (August 24)

Dir. David Koepp

Anyone who has ever shared the road with a Manhattan bicycle messenger knows they're a thrill-seeking, possibly suicidal lot. Koepp, who also scribed this season's Men in Black III, gives the Speed treatment to the fixed-gear, no-brakes set in this against-the-clock thriller, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a skilled cyclist whose delivery payload is being hunted by Michael Shannon's homicidal cop. One ill-timed passenger door opening and it's all over, roll credits. (Sony Pictures)


Lawless (August 31)

Dir. John Hillcoat

Adapted by Australian rock icon and screenwriter Nick Cave (The Proposition) from Matt Bondurant's true-life family tales in his lyrical novel The Wettest County in the World, this Prohibition-era crime drama chronicles the three Bondurant brothers of Franklin County, Virginia (Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, and Jason Clarke) and their fight against outsiders — including gangster Gary Oldman and deputy Guy Pearce — who want a taste of their moonshine bootlegging operation. The ubiquitous Jessica Chastain also stars as Hardy's love interest from the big city. (The Weinstein Company)

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