Relationship of Fools

Actor Christian Bale recently admitted that a teenaged Drew Barrymore dumped his ass after one bad date. Bale later married, became a father, and rakes in dough as the Dark Knight, so we doubt he was crushed by the incident.

Twitter phenomenon and Shit My Dad Says author Justin Halpern chronicles his own semi-tragic history with women in I Suck at Girls, a humorous memoir that exposes his early insecurities about romance, losing his virginity, and revealing his junk to the opposite sex.

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“I’m not sure if it was an adverse reaction to the fact that my dad often walked around the house nude like a Playboy playmate in Hefner’s mansion, or if I was just self-conscious about my body, but there was nothing I hated more than the thought of someone seeing me naked,” Halpern says in the new book. Of course, if he had Bale’s abs, that chapter might’ve told a different story.

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