Isa's Pizza
With a separate outdoor entrance but sharing the Salumeria space inside is Isa's Pizza, the New York-style pizza joint whose moniker comes from the Aiellos' daughter, Isabelle. Like the popular pies once served at Aiello's Back Door, the takeout-only pizzeria operated from the back of the original restaurant, the casual Isa's features signature Neapolitan and Sicilian-style creations ordered up at the counter, as whole pies or by the generously sized slice, and for dine-in or to-go.

Only open a few months, Isa's noteworthy pizzas, cheery atmosphere, and hey-how-ya-doin' service are so inviting and familiar, it's as if this neighborhood joint had been waiting for you to pop in all along.

The pizza crust is nothing short of stellar — a little crispy, slightly chewy, and wonderfully soft at the edges. And with homemade mozzarella, signature sauces, and fresh ingredients, it's hard to go wrong with any of the selections.

Counter-service convenience and tasty dine-in or to-go Italian-American eats make up Aiello’s Salumeria and Isa’s Pizza.
Jackie Mercandetti
Counter-service convenience and tasty dine-in or to-go Italian-American eats make up Aiello’s Salumeria and Isa’s Pizza.

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Aiello's Salumeria

777 E. Thunderbird Road
Phoenix, AZ 85020

Category: Restaurant > Italian

Region: North Phoenix

Isa's Pizza

777 E. Thunderbird Road
Phoenix, AZ 85022

Category: Restaurant > Pizza

Region: North Phoenix


Aiello's Salumeria and Isa's Pizza
777 East Thunderbird Road
602-547-3354 (Aiello's)
602-938-7492 (Isa's) Hours: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily

Stuffed artichoke hearts: $5
Veal parmigiana hero: $10
Antipasto salad: $9
Spinach Alfredo pizza (18 inches): $16-$20
Pizza by the slice: $2.50 and up

Standouts include Nana's Pie with housemade mozzarella, basil, and a zingy sweet plum tomato sauce; a thick and pillow-y Sicilian-style slice, fresh from the oven and draped with gooey cheese, red sauce, and spicy pepperoni; and an exceptional spinach Alfredo. If you're not a fan of spinach on pizza, one taste of this luscious and creamy creation with flavorful, fresh spinach in every bite will make you a believer.

There's also a satisfying stromboli with a golden brown, slightly salty crust packed with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and mozzarella, accompanied by an equally flavorful tomato sauce for dippin'. At seven bucks, it was a steal — plus, I had leftovers.

If you'd rather see the pizza magic happen instead of waiting for your pie at one of Isa's checkered-table-clothed tables in its small dining room, there's a counter area from which to watch. There, an affable, multi-tasking pizza chef can be observed doing some serious dough-tossing and kneading, barking requests to the kitchen or counter gal, and singing along to the '60s rock tunes playing overhead.

And because Isa's connects to Aiello's Salumeria, those in the know can have the best of both worlds with a slice and a salad — or any combination, really — and have a seat in either side.

As it was at their original restaurant, Joe and Myrah Aiello frequently can be seen at their new endeavors, chatting with customers and helping the friendly staff.

With any luck, I'll hear Joe singing again soon.

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