Ask a Mexican on Mexico's Lost Artifacts and Skinny Jeans

I was wondering about the Spanish going into Mexico and taking the gold and artifacts away from the Indians. Could the Mexican government ask for the gold back? What do you think?
Raider of the Lost Chonis

Why doesn't Mexico's president demand that all nations and/or entities return stolen artifacts taken from Mexico and its indigenous people? If the Jews got their stolen goods back taken during World War II, Mexico the country should be able to get its culture back! That's just not art but a way of life — life of the indigenous!
El Mexiking

While I like the thinking of ustedes (save for El Mexiking's Jewish example — the Nazis stole from specific individuals whose descendants could provide proof of ownership, usually via paperwork, and thus had a legal case), I'm afraid we don't have much ground to stand on. Although the 1970 UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property protects newly found artifacts from tomb raiders and the black market, it doesn't apply retroactively to artifacts looted during the days of empire, especially when said empire no longer exists. You could conceivably build a case if, say, a bona fide descendant of Nezahualcoyotl could show that his family's treasures were looted, but all Mexico and other nations whose cultural treasures were looted centuries have going for them is appeals to sympathy — and since when has Spain ever given a shit about Mexico? Same thing goes for the gold that Raider speaks of: Spain lost that gold long ago, so good luck getting that back. Mexico could conceivably ask for reparations for the damage Spain caused to its former colony — but there's that legal nopal again. Mexico didn't exist as a political entity until declaring its independence from Spain, so all we can do to get back at our former oppressors is beat them in soccer — yeah, I laughed bitterly when I read that, too.

My question is something I think is unique to the Mexican male population that I haven't seen back East: Why do Mexican men wear pants so tight you can see every inch (or lack of) of what God gave them? I assume they're straight. But I have gay friends who don't wear their pants so tight that they have to lie down to put them on. Is it a macho thing? Is it to impress the ladies or men? Doesn't the seam up your butt and lack of circulation in the front get uncomfortable? How can you adjust yourself when your pants are so tight?
Mariposa de Nueva Jersey

You obviously haven't been to Brooklyn in a while, eh? And not the Mexican part, but rather the gentrified areas, where hipsters wear jeans tighter than the face of Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto's telenovela wife. In regards to actual hombres: The traditional Mexican man (as opposed to his cholo nephews) will never wear baggy pants, or even loose pants. We're a working class, and loose pants can get caught in machinery and generally get in the way of our jale, something blue-collar gabachos know well. If hipsters want to wear pants like Mexicans, we welcome them — but if ustedes try to appropriate Stetsons, cinto piteado, and boots as well, prepare for a culo-kicking.

Mexican Prophecy of the Week! "What the Mexicans could not win with their rifles, they are going to win with their peckers." Heard it from one of ustedes — and ain't that the truth!

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crestfallen9982 2 Like

Here's a question about Mexicans. Why do Mexican men yell out retarded incomprehensible things out their windows as they drive by people walking? I had this done to me several times while walking and just minding my own business when a car drives by and a Mexican man will yell "AHHHHHHHH" or say something completely incomprehensible. Are they gay? It makes no sense.

tomphrey 3 Like

Why is this garbage left posted day aftert day after day . . . ?

NewYorkBabies 2 Like

LOL Who are you trying to kid here Gustavo!!  "Gabacho's" were wearing "Stetsons" and boots when you guys were still running around barefooted wearing a sombrero, pancho!!  Seeeeee Senioooorrrrr!

MesaMan 3 Like

I do have one question about Mexico:


Why is it that shattered Germany, Japan, S Korea, Poland and the decimated Jews ALL rebuilt their societies after WW II yet Mexico hasn't had a war since 1910 and is still such a mess? I'm really thinking it's a 'Hispanic' trait since with the possible exception of Chile, every single Latin American nation is comparable to the pre WW II American South----------at best. 

TRINITY38 3 Like


 I always wondered about that myself.  They seem to be a hard-working but helpless people.  Reminds me of some of the folks in Louisiana during hurricane Katrina.  Some of the folks didn't have the initiative or foresight not to live in their own excrement while waiting for help.  All I really know is that we have enough of our OWN poor to support!

Artzy 3 Like

I agree with "formerazlady" the author does not seem to be well educated and seems to want to purposely create racial tension.  Articles like these need to be printed on some underground rag and not in a magazine that could be and is read by Arizona's young.

formerazlady 3 Like

Let me share that I am Mexican and ashamed when reading this guy's weekly newsletters.  I don't look at them often so excuse me if I'm not familiar with public knowledge of the writer.  Is he even a real journalist?  Why would any paper publish his writing's?  He doesn't sound like he could be more educated than a high school sophomore.  One the other hand, I don't understand the amount of hate pouring out of the opinions being shared on this post.  It doesn't come across much better than Gustavo's opinions. 

Goldenstallion 4 Like

Disgusting "Mexican Prophecy of the Week"!  YOU PEOPLE ARE LIKE ANIMALS!  Breed, breed and keep breeding into poverty.  Have you no dignity or pride?!


 @Goldenstallion Not really true anymore: the birthrate in Mexico is now about 2.3 children per woman---------------down from over 7 kids 50 years ago.

vintagechick 7 Like

Illegal women are the most jealous women on the earth!  Always convinced someones looking at their short, squat, ugly, with a mouth full of missing teeth, smells like a mixture of alcohol and vomit men!  Get a grip ladies NOBODY wants your man.  Not understanding why the men wear their pants so tight either, maybe it's a mexican macho thing but it's not like their built for it.


 @vintagechick Illegal aliens are comparable to our stereotypical 'Poor White Trash' here.

Preston39 7 Like

It's true wet-back men wear their pants tight enough to cut off circulation and their women think it's sheek to wear a much too tight, rolls of fat hanging out, buttons popping, polyester floral dress with  scratched up white pumps.  I would feel sorry for them if they didn't believe and insist they look good!  My point is the poster was correct and Gustavo once again has made fool out of himself.  Answer the friggin question without your jealousy-filled slant next time Gustavo!

Island32 9 Like

Mexico is such a weak-ass country it won't be demanding anything back from Spain!  Are you kidding all Mexico can do is talk shit about other countries behind their back and shake in their boots when confronted.  I think the United Nations should just agree to wipe the smite of the face of the earth, save the rest of the world from dealing with their poor and criminal elements.

LegalAmerican 9 Like

The author of these articles is one bizarre, hate-filled individual.  Maybe some time in prison for treason with Bubba and Drayvon would calm his distorted thought processes down!

LegalAmerican 9 Like

Nope, not interested in asking a mexican anything!!  Really what would be the point they're as dumb as a rock.

Brian 2 Like

cool story bro. cant believe you still have a job.

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