Ask a Mexican on Culeros and Sexual Deviancy

So often when we see Mexican bands perform in the U.S. and Mexico, the crowd at some point starts chanting "¡Cu-le-ro!" ("Ass-hole!"). Why does the crowd yell "Cu-le-ro" at a band that they seemingly adore and paid a lot of money to see perform? Even fellow Latinos are really confused by this one!
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"People yelling 'Cu-le-ro' doesn't happen at every concert," says Javier Castellanos, legendary Latin-music promoter. "It's more of the chilango (nickname for people from Mexico City) crowd — they're always a little bit more rambunctious. And it's not just for any kind of music — it's usually the heavier, more metal stuff. I see the same rudeness at American concerts for that type of music, too." Castellanos is being too modest. Fact is, culero (always chanted in the singsong manner you described) is the Bronx cheer of Mexican society. We use it to taunt anybody we think is acting haughty — favored targets include politicians, sports teams, Miss America contestants, and especially lollygagging bands who can't return for an encore fast enough, even though their adoring crowd probably shelled out muchos pesos to hear a 45-minute set and drink crappy beer. "Cu-le-ro" (and its cousin, the chinga tu madre — go fuck your mother — whistle) is a reminder that nothing is safe from criticism in Mexico—except the Virgin of Guadalupe and the right to enter the United States illegally, of course.

I've been on sex-offender registry websites a couple of times, and it seems there are a lot of names ending with -ez. Is there an elevated rate of sexual deviancy among Mexicans? If so, why?
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Methinks you doth look for brownies too much. But I don't blame you. Turn on the television and radio, and you're likely to hear anti-immigrant pendejos screech about how Mexicans will rape you while stealing your job and playing banda music really loud. You'll probably hear them invoke the work of Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin. Her 2006 paper "The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One Million Sex Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants in the United States" came to some startling conclusions, not least of which is that there are 240,000 illegal-immigrant sex offenders in this country, and that 93 of these cretins enter this country daily. Know-Nothing politicians and even the House Homeland Security Committee's Subcommittee on Investigations have cited Schurman-Kauflin's paper in arguing against amnesty.

Schurman-Kauflin based her findings on a 2005 Government Accountability Office survey that showed 2 percent of illegals in federal, local, or state prisons had committed a sex crime. She then applied that percentage to the illegal immigrant population at large — voilà! Instant endemic perversity! This statistical sleight of hand, however, withers by employing the very stats she uses. GAO data for 2003 (the most recent year available) showed about 308,000 criminal aliens (legal as well as illegal immigrants) were in American prisons; they constitute about 3 percent of the nation's 12 million illegal immigrants. If only two percent of incarcerated illegals committed a sex crime, then it's intellectually misleading to arrive at the 240,000 figure, ¿qué no?

For the Mexican, a more telling number in determining sexual deviancy amongst an ethnic group is the percentage of criminals arrested for such crimes. So, let's go to the scoreboard: In 2003, gabachos incarcerated for sex crimes represented about 18 percent of all gabacho inmates in state prisons; perverted Hispanics, conversely, made up just 11 percent (strangely enough, the U.S. Department of Justice doesn't keep the same statistics for federal prisons). By this comparison, gabachos are more likely as a group to sexually assault you than Mexicans — but I'll bet you won't hear the Right repeat that factoid ad nauseam.

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What are gabachos?  Are they similar to enchiladas?


Why should I care about the subject of this article?  And why would I ask Mexicans anything?  I suppose with the internect I could correspond with people in Mexico, but why would I do so?  We probably would not speak the same language anyway.  What is a gabacho?  Oh, well, I don't care.

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Silly Mexican...the reason Mexicans account for so few incarcerated rapists and pedophiles is because they prefer to assault girls within their own families.  And anyone who knows Mexicans knows that they don't report crimes, especially crimes committed by one of their "own".  

Sickofyourbs 3 Like

So by closing the border we would stop one million sex crimes, and you think that is not a good idea why?  It's because you consider yourself a mexican and not an american that is why you are constantly in question.

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 You should read the entire article before you comment. The statistics were conveniently flawed. There is no question that a number of "illegals" do commit sexual and other crimes, but the number of Americans who commit the same crimes are comparable, with caucasian being higher than legal immigrants. Go the legitimate sources for information.

MesaMan 1 Like

 @azabigail Considering that 100% of all illegal aliens ARE lawbreakers; it stands to reason they have more than their share of pedophiles as well............


Besides; IF it's true that NON Hispanic Whites as a group have the greatest percentage of peds for capita (which I doubt)--------------why import more? 

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 You are the one with the burden of proof, you bring it to me. There may be a large number of Americans who commit these crimes, but until they do and after the fact they are legally here in this country. To say that it is ok to allow some good people in at the cost of others being sexually assaulted is pretty crazy. Tighten the border and still let good people in, but keep out the rapists. Why is there opposition to stop sex offenders? What is wrong with you people? I don't want LEGAL sex offenders here either. So we can get rid of them too. You do that to someone you deserve death. My point is that Gustavo and others have blind loyalty just because of their nationality, not because of morality. I would personally deliver my own flesh and blood out of this country or off this earth if they commited such crimes. There is no excuse for such things, and for you to defend the easy transition of sex offenders into this country is a little sick. Get some therapy. 


 @Sickofyourbs You are a primitive, gullible Neanderthaler born with a cesspool brain.

Sickofyourbs 2 Like

 @Lucenec2001Or rather I live in Phoenix and know first hand of illegals activities. Plus, you missed a comma after gullible o'wise one. I have always found that those who rant and resort to name calling instead of creating a better argument are unintelligent or big babies. Also, just to totally shoot you down, I am sure a neanderthal couldn't operate a computer. You lose.


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 @Lucenec2001 You have it backwards: ILLEGAL aliens are the 'neanderthals'; NOT Americans. MOST people who come to the USA legally; including Mexicans, are good people.

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Frankly; anything that Arellano has to say he cheapened by using the word 'gabacho' to describe non Hispanic people. 


And people wonder why enmity is growing against Hispanics as a group. One doesn't demand respect: one earns it. What many Latinos don't grasp is it takes quite a bit to piss off Anglo America; once we're enraged, we play for keeps--------------regardless of 'Latin' machismo on the other side. 

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 Well said!  I remember watching the news one day and the Latinos were having a demonstration down by the capitals.  They were waving mexican flags, which is the first time I saw that.  I immediately thought "this will piss everone in america off" and that was pretty much when america got their back up about illegeals.  So, you are so right, don't come here and  demand stuff, we are tired of it.   


 @kenikins Those demonstrations back in 2006 were a terrible PR blunder..............all they did was to call attention to the illegal alien problem here in the USA. 

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