"With Disney films, children don't always latch on to the scene, so really the film trucks on because of the music," she says. "It tells you when to be afraid and when not to."

Once fearful of losing an audience's attention, Blades says she now respects the silence that certain compositions require. On Mariana, in particular, she approached the songs as individual film scenes, allowing breathing room for beds of strings, avoiding the desire to squeeze lyrics into the necessary empty space.

"There's a lot of space because that's where the dialogue would be, and the music is in the background," she says. "Sometimes the best way to sound violent is to be super-peaceful and calm, like a serial killer in a B-movie following someone slowly, as opposed to if they were running."

MIchelle Blades knows pop.
Mo Neuharth
MIchelle Blades knows pop.

Location Info


Trunk Space

1506 Grand Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Central Phoenix


Michelle Blades is scheduled to perform Saturday, August 25, at Trunk Space.

After her farewell show in Phoenix, and before she departs for France, Blades will begin work on her next album. Her previous records were strung together over many months with lots of material scrapped along the way, she and Jones sneaking in sessions whenever feasible. Though she recognizes the merits of her old albums, she says they sound too reminiscent of her younger self. This next one aims to be timeless, she muses. She sounds half-kidding and half-hopeful when saying this new record will sound like reggaeton, Mozart, and Gwar. "It's gonna take forever," she sighs.

When she says all she wants to do is play music and travel, one can almost hear her shrugging, like it's a plainly obvious point. She pursues each with what could be mistaken for reckless fervor, but in both cases, a determined destination is really beside the point.

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Ernesto Moncada
Ernesto Moncada

Her performances on Firestage shows in 2009-10 were always epic and legendary! Mucha suerte y gracias por inspirarnos! :-)

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