Dillon Francis @ The Monarch Theatre

Dillon Francis
Dillon Francis

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The Monarch Theatre

122 E. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Category: Dance Clubs

Region: Central Phoenix


Dillon Francis is scheduled to perform Saturday, September 1, at the Monarch Theatre.

Dillon Francis gets down. Earlier this month, he "leaked" a fake tour rider, featuring the kind of items necessary for his kind of party: a blow-up doll, a stuffed piñata, a framed photo of any action star from 1985 to 2005. That's some goofy shit, but par for the course for Francis. From the fake rider to superimposing his face on cat pictures to trolling Twitter conversations with other big-name DJs, he's got a knack for attention-grabbing stunts. This, combined with his habit of donning a suit and pumping out seriously popular bass music has drawn comparisons to Diplo, the Mad Decent label boss who helped make Francis popular. Both men share a tremendous work ethic and celebrity personalities. Francis' YouTube channel is populated with videos that portray him as a funny, delusional Jody Hill character, with eccentric jokes such as a fake promo video about an Electric Daisy Carnival in Alaska. (In the clip, Francis simply points to reindeer over grimy dubstep sounds). But the music's no joke. The Los Angeles-born and -based producer rides a wobbly line between moombahton, dubstep, and pop (in that order). His 808s kick harder than anyone's. His habit of leading light, poppy melodies off a cliff into massive bone-crushing bass drops means that his music is unique and difficult to corner in an EDM world where it's hard to avoid being pegged to one genre.

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The rider contained jokes but it was certainly real and leaked without permission.


Great article on Dillion!! You hit his description right on the button!  Follow him on twitter and you will see he is one odd character.  Like you said though his music is no joke!

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