"When I first started contacting bands after we agreed to do the show, I wasn't sure what kind of response we'd get, since decker. doesn't play regularly in Phoenix and I wasn't sure how many bands had even heard of them," says Jason Shoff, A&R scout for 80/20 Records. "But not only did every band I contact tell me they wanted to play the show, but every band made their schedule work so they could make that date. So just that kind of support and willingness for all these bands to want to help out one of their own is just simply tremendous and touching, and it shows that the Valley definitely has a true music 'scene,' where all the bands care for each other and are willing to help each other out."

In fact, the show of support was so heavy that Echo Cloud Productions' Nicole Parasida was having trouble fitting everyone on the bill, which now includes a host of local heavy hitters like PALMS, The Madera Strand, Japhy's Descent, Banana Gun, Danger Paul, Future Loves Past, Dry River Yacht Club, and more.

"We are all in this together, to have fun, to create amazing music, and help each other out," says Spike Brendle, bassist for locals PALMS and Sister Cities and artist relations rep for Echo Cloud Productions. "This is a time where one of our family needs help, and what better way to help them than doing what we all love — play music. When it comes down to it, though, Brandon would do the same thing for each and every one of us, and that's why we feel this is necessary."

decker. performs at SxSW earlier this year.
Christian Rudman
decker. performs at SxSW earlier this year.

Location Info


Sail Inn

26 S. Farmer Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Tempe


The decker. benefit is scheduled to take place Wednesday, September 12, at the Sail Inn in Tempe.

There's plenty of physical, emotional, and financial recovery that needs to take place for decker. in the upcoming months, and the organizers of the September 12 benefit fully intend to help with the latter (which just might help with the emotional distress, too). A percentage of the night's food truck and bar sales will go directly into the decker. fund, as will the $5 suggested donation.

For now, though, the band is coping with a dichotomous mix of openness and dark humor.

"I'm alive," Bryant Vazquez bluntly wrote on his Facebook fan page following the crash.

"But you ugly," Decker jabbed.

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Just wanted to say that these guys in decker are really awesome bunch of guys that I've gotten to know real well over the past year, and if you can make it to the show, please do...the band could really use your help more than ever!

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